Zagreb’s Cinemas and Art Museums

What I love most about Zagreb is its contribution to the arts with its numerous cinemas and museums. Are you a movie buff? If you want to catch a movie in Zagreb the biggest chain of movie theatres is called Cinestar. It features the latest Hollywood movies and is designed to entertain people. It is important to observe that all Hollywood movies have Croatian subtitles and only animation movies for kids have voiceovers in Croatian. There are two Cinestars located on Branimirova Street and method Mall.

For those who like to watch artsy fartsy films, there are several smaller cinemas that showcase independent films in Zagreb such as Kinoteka, Kic, and Dokukino Croatia.

If you plan to come visit Zagreb in the autumn, in October, the city hosts the annual Zagreb Film Festival, which features a variety of commercial and independent films from Croatia and oversea. Last year in 2009, they showed some of my favourite films: New York, I Love you; 500 Days of summer; and I Killed My Mother.

Are you an art lover? The good news is that there are several art museums in Zagreb that are located within walking distance in the centre, which makes it functional to go museum hopping in a few days. If you are interested in Croatian art, you should go visit the Modern Gallery. located in the heart of the city on A. Hebranga street, the Modern Gallery is one of my favourite museums because it has the most important collection of the top 650 paintings and sculptures from Croatian artists dating back from the 19th and 20th century.

The second museum that I visited was the Museum of Arts and Crafts located on Marsala Tita square showcasing Croatian artists and their paintings along with complicate crafts and sculptures that are all interesting to look at. Lastly, you should visit the Art Pavilion in Zagreb. It has been open since 1898 and if you love art, this museum displays Croatian and international artists of modern art.

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