Why the IQAir’s Perfect 16 is the Best Whole House Air Purifier

Why the IQAir’s Perfect 16 is the Best Whole House Air Purifier

As a product of one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers, the IQairs Perfect 16 review cannot be anything but perfect. With noticeable performance from the high quality Swiss manufacturers the IQairs Perfect 16 has been noted as the best whole house air purifier. Why should it not be? It removes allergens, bacteria, dust and smoke by as many as 100 times more effectively than other furnace filter systems.

The Perfect 16 whole house air purifier is ideal for all those people who suffer from allergy and asthma. For all those who need progressive technology equipment which cleanses air and also conserves energy, then the Perfect 16 is the best whole house air purifier for you…as long as you have an existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

IQairs Perfect 16 has many great features. The filtration system has found to be the best whole house air purifier obtainable in the market as Perfect 16 received a MERV 16 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filtration rating for the elimination of micro-particle consequently 95% particles of 0.3 or larger microns are easily removed; such a rating has not ever been received by any whole house air cleaning system! Minimal maintenance is required thanks to long lasting filter – each filter lasts approximately 3 years. In addition, the Perfect 16 will save you money on your electricity bill as it improves the performance of your HVAC system. The Special double V-filtration design does not reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system as it is not an obstacle in the air flow like other whole house air cleaners. This allows air to be efficiently distributed to every room in the house.

The price is fairly high – it can range from $2,700-$3,200 but included in this price is an on-site pre installation evaluation, the installation by a specialized engineer and a post installation testing. The pre-installation evaluation allows IQAir to analyze which form of the Perfect 16 is compatible with your air handling system and where within your home the system can be installed.

An existing HVAC system is required for the use of the Perfect 16. So those of you who do not have the system will have to bear the additional cost of HVAC system. In addition to that, IQairs Perfect 16 needs to be professionally installed and this is reflected in the higher than average price of the product. The Perfect 16 captures over 95% of air particles, however, it doesnt remove chemicals and gases so if that is your intended use, you will have to invest in a different air cleaner.

Overall, IQAirs whole house air purifier is the best way to have clean pure air throughout the house. IQAir have indeed done an excellent job in not only in producing the best whole house air purifier, but also in making the time of action very easy to manage for the homeowner. The long lasting filter is a basic part for the noticeable performance of IQairs Perfect 16. Other whole house air cleaners need maintenance 2-4 times a year but the Perfect 16 doesnt need to be touched in 3 years! Youll definitely save money in the long run with an IQAir Perfect 16.

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