Why Knorights Is At ‘War’ With Federal Housing Authority

Why Knorights Is At ‘War’ With Federal Housing Authority

Defending the poor and the voiceless in our society is a task that must be done for God and humanity.

In our world, with about 7 million people, the ineffective and the poor, who are in the majority, must be shielded from the strong and the powerful.

Yes, there are millions of concerned individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporate bodies and government agencies, etc, out there doing their bits to defend the poor and the ineffective.

This is Godly, humanitarian and consequently permissible.

In Nigeria, with an estimated population of 180 million people, these helpers come in handy in their thousands, if not in millions.

Comrade Olusegun Adeeko, chairman/ rule activist, know your rights initiative, Ikotun, Lagos, is one of the many persons.

He is maintaining hardline postures against economic crimes, corrupt practices and human rights abuses. Call him a one-man riot squad, if you care.

On Monday, Adeeko invited me to cover a peaceful protest by members of his non-governmental organization and mechanics at Festac town in Lagos, Nigeria.

The peaceful, placards carrying members of the knorights and mechanics held the protest at the south-west zonal office of the Federal Housing Authority in Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria.

Their mission was to need that housing authorities should look into the manner Mrs Aisha Onotu, allegedly connived with the police in Festac and suspected land grabbers to sell lands at the buffer zone, illegally to interested persons.

Background check by this writer revealed that 12 years ago, officials of the Festac Town Resident Association observed that the housing folks were selling lands, illegally to some persons.

The residents dragged the housing authority before a Lagos High Court on November 21, 2005 in suit No: ID/2494/1993.

12 years down legal battle line, Hon Justice ( Mrs) Y. A Adesanya delivered her judgment and the mechanic union members at the Festac buffer zone were asked by the court to nevertheless occupy their jobs.

But, knorights leader in a letter dated April 18, 2019, petitioned the independent corrupt practices commission, requesting that the zonal manager of the federal housing authority in south-west Nigeria should be investigated.

The manager, Onotu is alleged to corroborate with one Thomas Tanimowo to issue rent to illegal allotees and also issuing removal notice to the mechanics to vacate the land, despite the high court judgment.

This writer visited the federal housing authority office on Friday to see and hear from the zonal manager on the issue, but was told the woman has gone out of official assignment.

The police at various levels in our country, have been informed and the national headquarters of the federal housing authority in Abuja, Nigeria, is also aware.

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