When a Gazebo Net is Not Enough – How to Get Rid of Pesky Flies

When a Gazebo Net is Not Enough – How to Get Rid of Pesky Flies

Although alluring and with expectations for great experiences that await us, the Summer days are also time for thousands of insects to flock our daily lives, in spite of of whether we have invited them or not. Having secured our garden gazebo net we feel prepared to deal with that threat, but sadly it is often not enough. The cupola of the gazebo in addition as its corners are favorite places for flies to congregate and getting rid of those is often a monotonous and unfruitful course of action. You don’t have to worry though, because with these simple methods insects would dare not get closer ever again.

It should be mentioned, to begin with, that it’s important to first look around carefully and see if you can find what is attracting the flies and get rid of it. If there isn’t anything obvious, you can proceed with one or a combination of the following methods.

One of the most effective, natural and easy ways to keep the pesky little things away is to plant basil bushes around your gazebo as close as possible. Not only the scent is invigorating, but it is also functional and useful in your summer cooking. Fresh torn basil is a great addition to any salad! That aside, the smell from the plant is, for some reason, obnoxious to flies and other insects. Plant enough of these around and you would be set for bugs free experience.

There are simple custom-made fly traps that often do the job when placed nearby your gazebo.

  • Mix up a spoon or more of apple cider vinegar, orange juice or wine with a bit of dishwasher soup. Put that in a jar or thorough plate and cover it with a lid that you have poked some holes by it in improvement. It will act like a magnet for the flies and the only thing you have to do in case they keep coming is changing the trap everyone once in a while, when it gets complete.
  • Another effective combination for the above jar trap is 3 cups of water, one quarter cup of sugar and one quarter cup of white vinegar. Mix well, pour in, make holes in the lid and set at the designated identify.
  • A simple trap for fruit flies and other bugs, if you’re not willing to bother much, is leaving a small amount of wine at the bottom of a tall bottle.

Of course, don’t forget the good old anti-fly spray and put that gazebo net into use as often as possible, in addition as keeping your interior clean. And as however another different or a thing to combine with the other methods – leave a citronella candle burning for an hour or so before you attend to use your gazebo.

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