What Makes a Guy Want to settle down to With You – Be the Woman of His Dr…

What Makes a Guy Want to settle down to With You – Be the Woman of His Dr…

Every man’s eye visualizes a certain ideal picture of the kind of woman he’d like to make his own. You have to know what his mind’s eye visualizes and then enact that role with perfection. He’ll want to settle down to with you anytime.

Being calm and cool
The most important thing he looks for is a woman back home who is not only calm but has the ability to make home coming a pleasure for him. He looks forward to his den as a place of peace and calm where there’s someone to soothe him.

Caring and pampering
Guys love to be cared and fussed over and already pampered, though he does not consider it necessary for him to show this. Give him importance and understanding and cater to his needs and he’ll willingly settle down to with you.

Always smiling and happy

It is not for him to create such situations to keep you happy and smiling! however he expects you to always be smiling and cheerful and happy and keep him too in a happy mood. Lift up his spirits and do everything with a smile is what he wants of you.

Respect his space and freedom
This being one of the dominant requirements of a guy he’ll find you the best woman a guy could wish for if you respect his space and freedom. He couldn’t be happier than to know that you will not deprive him of this luxury and privilege.

Do not impose or nag him
He will be quick to try to detect if you are the nagging or imposing kind of woman or are you the self sufficient woman who tries not to dictate him or run his life for him. When he sees that you manager your own problems and leave him free he’ll love nothing better and want to settle with you.

You’re not boring
A guy always likes surprises and new things. He likes to be overwhelmed by things that you plan for you both. You should always have new things, good and exciting, up your sleeves to charm him completely. You should not be a boring and colorless person.

Make him proud
Men always want to show off their women. He may not openly praise you for what you are or do, but will secretly want his buddies and others to be envious of him for the person he has in his life. If this happens to be true then he’ll want to settle down to with you.

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