What Are Some Natural Pest Control Methods?

What Are Some Natural Pest Control Methods?

There are many different natural pest control methods that you can try. Many of them are fun and enjoyable for you and your family. After all, the reason you want that beautiful lawn and garden is so that you can enjoy spending time in it. Natural pest control methods mostly come in two varieties: day time and night time.There are also a few that can work at any time.


1. Birds: Some types of birds love to eat insects. The easiest ways to attract these birds to your yard is with a water characterize, like a bird bath, or with bird houses.

2. Predatory insects: Predatory insects are not dangerous except to the pest population in your yard. These are insects like lady bugs and green lacewings. You do not have to attract these predatory insects — you can truly buy them from organic yard care stores. for example you might want to try Sta-Home™ Lady Beetles or Green Lacewings.

Night time:

1. Bats: Bats fly only at night and can eat their weight in insects every night. It is easy to attract bats to your neighborhood by simply putting up a bat house on a tree or outbuilding. You do not want to attach the bat house to your home. Some people don’t care for bats, but they are harmless and you rarely see them unless you do a lot of entertaining after dark.

2. Toads: Toads are great at cleaning up insects in the evenings. A toad can eat from 50-100 insects in an evening. The easiest way to encourage a toad population in your yard is to place a Toad House in your garden or flower beds. These are attractive additions to a garden or flower bed and offer shelter to the toads during the day.

Day or night:

1. Netting: This option can be effective; however, it is not the most attractive looking option you could choose.

2. Nematodes: Nematodes are effective against burrowing pests like grubs and cut worms. You can get products like, Grub-Away® Nematodes that can be easily applied with a sprayer.

3. Traps: If you are having problems with a specific kind of pest you may want to set up some natural pest control traps that are designed to deal with them. There are many you can choose from depending on the kind of pest that is causing you problems. There are already special traps designed to rid your yard of fleas. Your pets will thank you for these.

As you can see, there are many different types of natural pest control methods that you can try. Many of them will make your yard a very interesting place to enjoy. Part of the natural beauty that you enjoy in your yard is the wildlife that you can watch and listen to. Most natural pest control methods rely on the wildlife to help you out; you just have to make your yard into an inviting place for them to visit.

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