What An Internet Newbie Should Know About Free Domain Names

What An Internet Newbie Should Know About Free Domain Names

If you are a newbie on the World Wide Web, it is very basic for you to get the right information about free domain names so that you will not fall to the wrong side – to every issue, there are positive and negative sides. While you can truly get a domain for free, there are some domains you should not give a second look, except you are online to have fun.

There are two major types of domains – a top-level domain (TLD) and a sub-domain. The former is the direct website address you see here and there while the latter is derived from the former. For example, buy.com is a TLD while go.buy.com is a sub-domain. As a consequence of this, you should be able to find out the kind of free domain you will be given, whether it is the former or latter.

You can get a TLD by registering it with an ICANN (Internet Corporation for stated Names and Numbers) accredited registrar and there is a fee attached to the time of action. however, if you want a sub-domain, you only need to contact a TLD owner to create one for you. Another difference between the two is that a TLD is replaceable every year while the other could be free for life. But before you lose your head with excitement because of free for life, you need to know the major downside of a sub-domain – you do not have a complete control over it. What is the implication of this? The implication is that you are allowed to manage the site according to the discretion of the owner of the domain. So many decisions on basic issues like layout of pages, types of adverts, bandwidth usage, file storage and so on are taken by the owner. The worst part of it is that you wont have access to the Domain Name System (DNS) which is used strictly for the management of domains.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your website will be obtainable all the time because you will be taking part of the bandwidth that will be allocated to the owner. In fact, you may wake up one day and discover that your website has disappeared online for no just reason. As a consequence of this, it is advisable for you to stay away from a sub-domain except you are floating a website for fun. But then, if you are launching a business website, it is advisable for you to register a name and it is not expensive to do so. You can also look for a web hosting plan with a free domain name because after registering a name, you need to great number. However, it is very important for you to deal with a reputable registrar-cum-web hosting provider so that your online presence will be a success.

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