What an Artist Experiences When Working With the Angels

I am an Angel artist on a passionate spiritual journey and I would like to proportion my story of what it is like to work with the Angels. It is a rare experience and very real.

In 1993, I gave over my talent to the Divine to paint Angels. Having a decorative painting business and feeling led to paint Angels I gave that up. One step led to another and so began the journey…”I Shall Paint Angels”

I would like to proportion with you how the Angel paintings and messages are produced and convey the experience of connecting with the Angels.

I start by asking for the name of the person whose Angel is being painted. Then when someone places a commission to have their Angel painted, or places one for someone as a gift, their Angel knows! From this moment forward the Angel makes preparations and chooses a timing to show itself and all that it has to proportion. If you truly seek your Guardian Angel and want to know your Angel, this is the time to reach out to your Angel with all of your heart and soul. Ask and seek guidance! You will be surprised at how much guidance you will receive. The Angels are just waiting for you to ask them and they will immediately respond.

When I call upon the Angel of the name given, and if the Angel indicates it is ready (Angels work in their own timeline), I then proceed.

The voice is like whispers of the wind gently blowing by soft wind chimes, in addition very clear. I can feel the Angel surround me with electrifying light and energy that covers my whole body. The whole canvas is surrounded and illuminated with glowing white light. At this point I do not see the Angel, but hear and feel the Angel in and around me. The Angel then tells me what colors will be used and I then paint the background as energy begins to flow down my arm to my paintbrush as I paint. As I finish the final few strokes of the background, the Angel suddenly appears in the painting as an recondite image or impression coming by the painted background. I then begin to paint the Angel…with each and every brushstroke guided by the Angel, only allowing their vibration and that of God to come by the portrait. I am guided on how to do each area and when something has been done to the Angel’s satisfaction I am told..yes! Exactly! Leave it just like that!

You will notice in my paintings the Angels have no faces. I believe “Only God can create their faces. Look closely into the painted brushstrokes and background, and you will see the Angel’s confront. It is always there. You may only see a set of eyes, but it truly there

When the painting is finished I am told. I sign my name feeling blessed each and every time. I then start writing, information for information, all that the Angel wishes to proportion with the one it loves, protects, guides and nurtures every day of their life. Each message is mystifying and personal and above all, touching. I have not met a person in addition, who truly sought to know their Angel, not walk away amazed and touched.

the time of action is the same whether it is for a Guardian Angel painting, Archangel or Angel Painting. I do not need the name for the Archangel , unless I am specifically painting a particular Archangel, then I do ask for that Archangel name. “Angel Messages for Humanity” paintings are left to the Divine’s choice on which Angel wishes to present itself. I just go with the flow. Each and every time I paint an Angel, is like the first time. The excitement and the passion is always there to be the channel for this work.

The belief and knowingness of the Angels is needed now more than ever in this unsettled world. The more contact you allow yourself with the Angels, the more peace you will feel within yourselves and this will begin to mirror in your own lives and create a feeling of self-empowerment to replace feelings that things are out of your control.”

I truly believe we are here to make a difference and if something comes into our awareness it is our responsibilty to respond in at any rate way we can. I also believe we are all healers and the talents that come easily and naturally and from the heart are truly what we are supposed to be doing with our lives … responding with the heart.

© 2005 Sharae Taylor

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