Walk-In Showers: Not Just for Seniors Anymore

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of three things: a child of a baby boomer, a parent of a boomer, or a boomer yourself. As more and more members of this generation go into their golden years, products aimed at the senior set gain in popularity. But, sometimes these products offer as many benefits to those more familiar with YouTube than the boob tube.

One such facilities is the walk-in shower. Once acclaimed for the additional safety it provided to frail or unsteady senior citizens, it is now a mark of distinction to any home, including those of young families. While seniors may have settled into their final home of choice, younger homeowners may find great assistance in adding this characterize to increase not only their own enjoyment of their homes but their resale value in addition.

More Space = More Comfort

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the rest of the states like a fair amount of room to roam in addition. Some people may enjoy the additional space to adjust to a larger body frame, but already the most petite of homeowners can appreciate the luxuriousness of a expansive shower. The pleasure of the experience is only compounded when complemented with additional features such as custom showerheads.

Reacquaint Yourself with Mr. Clean

The 2011 US Census indicated that there were 877,980 people who identified themselves as maids or housecleaners. While the census doesn’t provide insight into why these people were hired, one could imagine that at the minimum some were retained for the only purpose of handling bathroom duty. Walk-in showers alleviate some of that unpleasantness by creating an easier space to go into and clean. No more hunching over traditional bathtubs like a cheerless criminal bending before the guillotine. Walk-ins adjust to a fuller range of motion, allowing a cleaner to easily reach nooks and crannies that may go unnoticed in a traditional bath (a quality that would make any cleaner happy, be it you or the maid service).

Safety First

Although this is a clear assistance for seniors, the fact is anyone can have an accident in the bathroom. In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 230,000 non-fatal bathroom accidents in the United States among people as young as 15, two-thirds of which occurred in the tub or shower. The walk-in shower removes that potentially dangerous step between safely preparing for a shower and finding oneself flat on his back.

Let’s confront It – They Look Cool

Walk-in showers come in a variety of uncommon, modern designs, including clear glass, uniquely etched patterns, and already stained glass. While choosing a flashy avant-garde concept may be risky from a resale standpoint, a distinctive look will certainly give any home an additional touch of flavor that will mirror its owner’s personality and set it except similar bathrooms.

The Choice Is Yours

Senior citizens have long been meaningful buyers of walk-in baths and showers and will most likely continue to be as millions of baby boomers go into retirement. However, already younger homeowners should consider them as both a possible source of delight and selling point in their homes. The housing market has been kind to few homeowners in recent years, but by rethinking past stereotypes and giving new twists to old features, already non-seniors can assistance from features like the walk-in shower.

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