User Management LTE

User Management LTE


UMLTE script is designed to simplify your next PHP project – giving your all the basic and somehow time-consuming requirements like Login, Register, Forgot password, Reset Password, Managing Profile, Page Security, Dynamic content for your landing page, Managing Users and a lot more.

Demo version

You can go to the demo version to see the control panel and what settings there are. You can login with the following details: 


Username: [email protected] – ADMIN

Password: password01


Username: [email protected] – USER

Password: password01


  • Clean Landing Page – based on (CleanBlog)
  • Working contact form
  • Mailing option uses PHPMailer Class
  • Database pushed Page content for Home,About and Contact page 
  • Social network link on the landing footer (10+ networks obtainable)
  • obtain user registration and login
  • User password reset.
  • Google recaptcha option
  • Google Analytics option
  • TAWK to – Live chat with user Live (supported by
  • Remember me characterize on user login
  • Interactive admin dashboard.
  • Dashboard Color options (8+ colors)
  • Mail Setting to send obtain emails
  • Brute for protection
  • Auto logout – inactivity monitor
  • Password length security
  • SEO friendly, clean and meaningful URLs.
  • 100% Mobile ready.
  • User profiles.
  • User roles.
  • Built with stock Bootstrap.
  • Server side form validation.
  • System and user settings.
  • Detailed Video Documentation.
  • Fully object oriented.
  • Manage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
  • News Update Management
  • Cool accessibility features.
  • Page Security additional to pages in the file structure
  • SEO option – Description and Keywords
  • Register Terms – Database pushed
  • Email Subjects – Database pushed
  • Login and Register Page – (Color & Text) – Database pushed
  • System sustain Tickets (Send Tickets to sustain)


PHP version 5.6 or any latest version is recommended.

It should work on 5.3.7 in addition, but we strongly advise you NOT to run such old versions of PHP, because of possible security and performance issues, in addition as missing features.

For databases, MySQL (5.1+) via mysqli and pdo drivers.


  • Included in the .zip package
  • All the Online Documentation can be found on…

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