‘True hero’ – City traffic cop killed in line of duty by car thief rem…

A traffic cop was hailed a ‘true hero’ after his tragic death in the line of duty 20 years ago.

Malcolm “Mac” Walker was deliberately rammed off his bike by a man driving a stolen car in Birmingham in 2001.

The 46-year-old was catapulted into a bollard and later died from his injuries.

Officers from around West Midlands Police paid tribute to him yesterday, Saturday, October 2. A memorial was held at the police stop in Sutton Coldfield, where the officer was based, and a short service took place.

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A memorial and a guard of honour was held two decades on from the tragedy

A police honour guard were also present to mark the event and the family of Mac were presented with a flag, which had before been flown at Sutton Coldfield stop in honour of him.

Sergeant Chris Thomas from our force traffic unit said: “Twenty years ago we lost a true hero. I worked with Mac and was the second car at the scene the day he died.

“This was the most harrowing day of my 25-year career and a day that will be with me forever.

“My thoughts have always remained with Mac’s family and the legacy he leaves behind.

“To be able to honour him today, is something so special. I know he will be looking down on us all.”

Earlier this year, his family paid tribute to him as the National Police Memorial was unveiled in Staffordshire.

Mac’s wife Helen additional: “Twenty years have just flown by. He is in my thoughts daily and will be in my heart forever.”

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