Top Australian Family Lawyers

The best family lawyers in Australia are those with accreditation in their field. If you are looking for a top family lawyer then Accredited Family Law Specialists with state accreditation are the ones to use. There are lawyers all over Australia, but you will find that the best are the ones that offer counseling, and conflict resolution, instead of lawyers who advise you on going to court as your first option. Increasingly the top Australian family lawyers are seeking to keep family situations out of court and mediation and counseling can sometimes prevent messy divorces and custody battles, so minimizing the effects of divorce on the children involved.

Dobinson, Davey, Clifford are Canberra based, and all three, Julie Dobinson, Phil Davey and Lois Clifford are law accredited specialists who help and encourage their clients analyze different solutions to their problems. They offer mediation and negotiation processes which are tailored to suit the individual needs of their clients. They also understand the financial impact of divorce and other family issues and have independent financial advisors and child specialists obtainable to their clients. Counseling is obtainable to all their clients too as a matter of course.

Harris Friedman is a firm which operated in Sydney and New South Wales in general. They have a team of highly specialized family lawyers and their Julie Shedden is an accredited law specialists. except being committed to providing resolutions to all law issues they also offer free seminars for the general public who feel they want to learn more about law. These seminars provide an overview of Australian law and deal with the issues of parenting, child sustain, character division and other applicable topics, and each one provides an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers about law.

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers are also a firm which serves New South Wales, and they have three accredited law specialists, Chris Dunn, Carolyn Hunt and Cathy-Anne grew. They have pod casts obtainable on their web site so that prospective clients can gain an insight into how law works in Australia.

In Victoria there is the firm of Carew Counsel Solicitors with the founder Peter Carew being an accredited law specialist and a member of the Law Advisory Committee to Specialist Accreditation for the Law Institute of Victoria.

These days Australian lawyers specializing in law try to reach amicable settlements with their clients and do not advocate going into the courtroom unless it is unavoidable in the particular circumstances.

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