Tired of experiencing from ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome’ on Valentine’s Day?

Tired of experiencing from ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome’ on Valentine’s Day?

Are you tired of spending Valentine’s Day alone? Perhaps you’re one of the millions of singles who just can’t seem to connect with that special someone? Or you feel like you’re single already though you’re in a relationship, because you sleep alone most night due to travel or opposing schedules. Have you tried all the dating / relationship tips from magazines, books and well meaning friends to no avail?

You might be wondering if there is an unseen force that could be preventing you from sharing your bed with that special someone on a long-lasting basis. Well stop wondering, because there absolutely is! From the moment of your birth you connect with the magnetics of Earth in such a rare way that you have several ‘Personal Feng Shui Directions.’ Some of your Personal Directions are very supportive, but a few will sabotage your efforts without you already being aware of their influence on your daily life, especially your love life.

Your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction keeps you from having a long-term intimate love relationship or causes you to sleep separately from your partner the majority of the time. When you know the 15° that’s your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction, you can avoid activating or triggering its negative influences. Of course, if you’re already married or involved you’ll want to avoid triggering either one of your ‘Lonely Pillow’ directions.

In some instances, there might be a reason you want to sleep alone. Then, of course, you can choose to activate your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction. for example, when you’re having a hard time breaking off a relationship that you want to end… you can use a mirror in your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction to your advantage. How would you like your children to concentrate on their education? If so, you can choose from several different ways to activate your child’s ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction prevent them from being distracted by romance. Just don’t let them find out what you’re up to.

Because of its personal character, the influence of your ‘Lonely Pillow’ relates chiefly to your residence. Like all your other personal Feng Shui directions, your ‘Lonely Pillow’ can be activated by the Sitting direction of your home or the exact location of its entrances and windows from the magnetic center of the whole house/unit. When you have an entrance or window in your ‘Lonely Pillow,’ you must STOP using that door or window completely to avoid experiencing from ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome.’ If that isn’t possible, keep the door / window closed as much as possible to lessen the affects.

The Sitting side of your house is the private, darker and heavier side of your house, which is opposite the formal, lighter and more open Facing side. Unfortunately, if your house is Sitting-in your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction… it’s the one situation where the only cure is to move to a house that’s oriented in another direction. Several of my clients over the years have had this problem and were relieved to discover an outside influence was keeping them single… and that they could escape its influence by moving to a different residence.

Your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction is determined not only by your date of birth, but also by your gender. consequently, males and females born in the same year will have different ‘Lonely Pillow’ directions. for example, one client’s work schedule kept him away from home 5 nights a week, while his wife and three small children stayed in their condo, which was in his ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction. Armed with the knowledge of where all their Feng Shui Personal Directions are located on any compass, they made sure their next home wasn’t sitting in either of their ‘Lonely Pillow’ directions.

Since this is the most intimate of all your Personal Directions, it can also be triggered if your BEDROOM door or windows are within the precise 15° section of your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction from the magnetic center of your bedroom or bedroom suite including your private bath and closets. In most situations, it’s easy to stop using a window to avoid the ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome.’ However, if your bedroom door is causing the problem, you’ll need to switch to another bedroom or move the door to your bedroom out of your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction.

As the name implies, sleeping with the top of your head toward the 15° of your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction will also cause ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome.’ No matter if this is one of your ‘Best Sleeping’ directions according to your basic 45° Trigram (Kua) directions; you must move your bed to a different direction to avoid activating your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction. Many of my clients have simply moved their beds out of the direction of their ‘Lonely Pillow’ and began regularly dating again, after years of not dating at all. A few have already met and married that special someone after eliminating the affects of their ‘Lonely Pillow’ directions.

The last way that triggers ‘Lonely Pillow Syndrome’ is when you have a mirror within that precise 15° section from the magnetic center of your whole house or your bedroom. Large mirrors or mirrored closet doors are never recommended in the bedroom, because they mirror light and light is Yang, which method activity… so the reflected light makes the energy in your bedroom more active, which makes it difficult to have a restful night’s sleep. On top of that, the more mirrors you have in your bedroom, the greater the chance that one will activate your ‘Lonely Pillow’ or your partner’s.

If you find a mirror in your ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction, remove the mirror or cover the glass of the mirror so it’s no longer reflective. Over the years, my clients have come up with many creative ways to cover their mirrored closet doors. A client who’s an artist used water-based paints to create a beautiful mural over her mirrored closet doors in her rented apartment. Other clients used window privacy film to make the mirrors appear as frosted or stained glass that complemented their décor. One client already covered the part of her bathroom that was in her ‘Lonely Pillow’ direction with a rotating collection of her child’s artwork… using double sided tape.

The 15° aspects of your ‘Personal Feng Shui Directions’ are the most highly guarded secrets of the ancient science of Classical Feng Shui. Unfortunately, barely 5% of all Feng Shui consultants have the ability to calculate all 9 of your 15° Personal Directions. On top of that, the majority of those aren’t teaching their clients how to locate their Personal Directions anywhere they live or work. Needless to say, you won’t find all of these secret ‘Personal Directions’ in already the most popular Feng Shui books.

When choosing a Feng Shui consultant, verify their references and credentials, just as you would if you were choosing an Acupuncturist. Both of these ancient Chinese sciences require years of practice and training at respected institutions, such as the renowned American Feng Shui Institute. An Asian heritage does not guarantee a consultant is capable of analyzing all levels of Classical Feng Shui, including your Personal Directions. In addition, it’s important to confirm:

o You’ll receive a written report that includes the location of all 9 of your 15° Personal Directions in your current home or office.

o They will teach you how to find all your Personal Directions in any future home or office for the rest of your life.

o Follow-up questions are included in the cost of your consultation.

o Annual Updates of your elemental Feng Shui remedies are offered to avoid any negative circumstances produced by the Annual Feng Shui Energy Shift on the Chinese SOLAR New Year.

o Feng Shui Day Selection sets are obtainable, if you’re planning renovations, additions or new construction… to choose an auspicious day to begin the project to avoid problems.

Finally, be sure you’re comfortable with the Feng Shui consultant you choose and that it’s easy for you to communicate with them. After all, you’re relying on them for advice that not only affects your love life, but the health, relationships and finances of everyone who lives with you.

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