Time to Get KY Speedway Tickets Has Come

Fans of car races, lovers of speed, adrenaline seekers! This information will give you the desired delight! The time getting KY Speedway tickets for NASCAR racing series has finally come! The events will start in July 2017, lasting for three days of the month – July, 6th, 7th and 8th. Guys, following NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will watch the races personally when they come to the competition. They can visit NASCAR XFINITY Series 300 event this summer (July) and in autumn in addition (September, 22-23). Visiting the official Kentucky Speedway site, you can print the events schedule to keep everything in your mind.

Visiting the official Kentucky Speedway site

The site will help you getting all the details concerning each day of the car races – the time when the event starts, its length, the vehicles models taking part in the competition. There you will learn “the whole caboodle” about the races’ policy, emergency information; watch track maps and whatnot. Many facts there are naturally concentrated on materials, concerning getting tickets, including the time when box office works, the phone number to connect the operator and get more info about the interesting for you racing day. Each single person or already groups can buy tickets for these races by the site (online) or visiting Corporate Offices placed in Kentucky. Write down the exact address of the office to buy the stuff the day, functional to you (the site gives it).

Learn more about NASCAR racing series

Naturally, these Cup and Truck Series or simply cars’ races have millions of fans. However, there are always mates, who just learned about these events and wish to know more about NASCAR racing series. They will always read everything about these competitions online, in newspapers and on the official site. Meanwhile, the following information might raise an interest of these fellows. NASCAR racing series are held on the national level and conducted by the NASCAR association. These events always include the XFINITY Series (former Nationwide Championship) and the Camping World Truck Series, where riders compete on powerful trucks. When the next races season comes, NASCAR Sprint Cup racers participate in several stages on the traditional for America oval tracks. The so-called stock cars – specially constructed race cars with a spatial tubular frame, which is hung with steel outer panels, which approximately repeat the contours of the serial models are used in the championships. All cars have eight-cylinder lower engines and a suspension with a continuous rear axle. Earlier three cars brands participated in the Sprint Cup. These were Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota automobiles. The fourth player, Dodge, left the series in 2012.

New 2017 season starts in July 2017

The current season of 2017 is the fifth for the current stock-cars. However, this does not average that the racing automobiles have remained the same – every year these vehicles undergo minor changes. This is done chiefly to enhance the entertainment of the competition. For this purpose, the tournament organizers conduct a large amount of tests on the tracks and in the wind tunnel. This year persons responsible for the track potential that usual situation happening often in summer, when a meaningful number of fans confront with traffic jams on the highway leading to the speedway, and the without of sufficient parking spaces, will be successfully avoided. The needed changes in the infrastructure of nearby territories were already done. Each one, who wishes learning more about the Monster Energy, Camping World, XFINITY NASCAR Cup Series or General Tire Super Weekend, can dial the phone numbers he/she finds on the official site. There they will also find a functional option of buying tickets online and already using PROMO code doing it.

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