The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Libra

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Libra

The hardest to understand and the most charming of the Zodiac has to be the Libra child. My knowledge of this star sign comes about by my son and brother, both of whom are absolute winners in the popularity stakes. Although in many ways the same they are also very different. The many years apart in age has no bearing on the important pattern that is both one of achievement and failure.

They can rise to great heights and will have you believing every information of their dreams for the best things in life. Meanwhile they cling tenaciously to their inner confusion about how they will accomplish it.

Born between September 24th to October 23rd this is one group of humans who hate to be rude. But that doesnt always stand as they can deliver the most stinging tirades of rhetoric when forced into a corner. Once they make up their mind whom they should love and who their enemies are they are hard to persuade otherwise.

They are also inclined to sulking for long periods on end. Never try to order them around. As a child my son would sit for hours alone or bang ants in the driveway because he could not do what was asked of him. If ordered to complete a task he would look to one of his sisters to do it for him and already bully them into complying.

They are presumably restless but do they ever hurry? No!. Those born under this sign will take all day to get to an appointment and can be one already two hours late. That makes them bad candidates for jobs. Once they are in the right position, however, they will excel remarkably in their work and the sun will shine brilliantly from their eyes as they loving relate how great they are to a captured audience.

The way to rear a them is to never ask for something to be done but to give unrequited love and sit back and watch them perform. They will complete responsibilities and do it extremely well. They will select to do things you never imagined and will excel brilliantly if no one pushes them.

Famous Librans who have helped shape out world include Dwight D. Eisenhower, who became president of the United States and played a huge role in ending the Second World War. Among then too are John Lennon, Julie Andrews, and Oscar Wilde who have left exceptional legacies in the arts. Mahatma Gandhi is one that the world may never forget.

The difference between people, one to the other, and the complexities of being born at different times must keep up a special place in our hearts. The Spirit of the Universe, the Great Creator, made so many paths for each of us to follow and invented so much variety that like flowers in a garden we have blooms that fill us with love while others are but weeds.

My fascination with this occurrence is due to memory of reincarnation and knowledge that we are born again into life after death. It explains death and why we are so different. We have no choice of our own making as there is more to our existence than who we think we are. What we are and who we become, whether its to rule or follow, is not our choice.

The precise time of our return is metered out in the Grand Plan of God. We do our bit according to how we are programmed. The method to succeed or fail are within us from birth and no one can change it, as demonstrated by the signs under which we are born.

It takes a great and powerful intelligence to design such a plan and we are caught up in it as flies in a cob-web. Those who cannot see beyond religious ideologies are he flies dragged to their spiritual death as the spider consumes them in its net. Those connected to the Universal Spirit are released from capture and prosper to assistance their spiritual growth while helping others to do likewise.

Given a free hand the Libran child will grow into this role as they exude love and balance the scales.

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