The Mental Computer And Its Programmer

We are our own computer programmers with our conscious mental functioning. With that said, I begin this article. Sure, life is a game in so many ways, but what we program our deeper minds to do is never a game because of the mechanisms involved in the whole course of action. The mechanisms involved, are the mind (meaning the conscious mind), body and soul (universal mind), and one cannot exist or work without the influence of the other. Let me explain that. We create our realities from our thoughts, our deepest, most sincerely working thoughts, good or bad. Think about it, shallow thoughts good or bad never have an effect on anything. But thorough thoughts, good or bad manifest in reality somehow, any way it goes when you really look at your reality. In short, the good and bad times or good and bad days we have are purely self made at very thorough levels. To make it longer, we bring our own troubles, and we bring our own wonderful solutions in life and existence. Thinking about the fact that existence is intelligent and responsive to our thorough thoughts and powerful actions: It comes down to our understanding and perception in addition as what we transmit to existence.

Supporting what I am saying with hopefully sufficient every day evidence: Say you are going along with your day, and you let your thoughts think about trouble in an idle way or think about a good lucky break in an idle way and you get it thinking it a completely random occurrence. You have had these in life when you think deeply about the past and present of things in your life. No matter what, this is really how that “law of allurement” in human life works when you really think about everything that happens good or bad. Although there is more to life than the simple, life and existence ultimately do come down to the simple working principles that are universal and with good self discipline the simple working principles can be made to work for you instead of against you. That is also my point in this article called the mental computer and its programmer. We are the cause and effect principles in our lives, nothing outer really is in the driver seat. If we had no control, there would be no such concept as a “come back” now, would there? No. It would be “the world is flat and that is that” kind of living. We know that this is not reality, come back kind things happen all the time and in so many ways. That is the every day evidence that I have or something like it.

So, we are in the driver seat. If we were not, then, there would be no such thing and concept as self made success. Initiative is the human law, genuine passivity is the human exception when really thought about logically and succinctly. I already venture to say this to end the article, we are our own programmers, operators, and mini creators.

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