The eerie calm of Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes after it closed for t…

Take a tour around the beloved theme park how it was shortly after it said goodbye to its final visitors in October 2016

This month marks five years since Pleasure Island closed for the last time after almost a quarter of a century welcoming families for countless days of fun.

Originally part of the Flamingo Land chain, the Cleethorpes theme park opened in May of 1993 with big plans to make its mark in the resort.

Today, though there are nevertheless signs at the site that it once was home to a active theme park, most of it has either moved on or fallen into disrepair.

While there has been much coverage of the site’s gradual erosion as character takes over ahead of its hypothesizedv redevelopment into a holiday park, hotel and superstore, there is an eerie beauty to these images which were taken just after it closed for the last time.

clouded Angle Photography took these photographs in twilight as the sun set on its lifetime as a theme park. They provide a snapshot of how many will remember it but in a way the have perhaps never seen it with not a soul in sight.

Pleasure Island’s last day of complete operation was on October 26, 2016. Since then, many of its rides have found homes around the world.

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