The Best Reason to Call a Psychic Medium (This Fixed My Fear of Death …

The Best Reason to Call a Psychic Medium (This Fixed My Fear of Death …

Let’s talk for a second about the reasons people call a psychic medium. There are 3 big ones, and in my view, #2 is the most powerful, and potentially life changing for those who do.

  • Random Skeptical, but Open Minded Curiosity About the After Life
  • Grief Relief After Losing a Loved One
  • Recurring Personal Experience That Demands A Rational Explanation

Those are the big ones. Now, let’s talk about why #2 has the ability to be so incredibly life changing for those who have the privilege and pleasure of speaking with a genuine medium who can access the spiritual size that most of us can’t. (or at the minimum…have not been able to however)

Having an experience of watching, or talking to someone who is in contact with a loved one whose passed can be an amazingly healing, and transformation experience. It reaffirms your faith that the human spirit is indeed eternal. It reaffirms your belief that your loved one is truly close by always….and reminds us that we will ALL one day be reunited with those that we’ve loved, and lost.

The truth? Of course people are skeptical of the above. Some reading this right now probably think it’s a bunch of silliness as once did I.

But it’s not. It’s the truth…and the only way that you’ll have the same unshakeable faith and belief is by having the same experience yourself.

The bottom line is this.

People have been talking to the dead for hundreds of years. Every religion speaks of it. Every great spiritual tradition recognizes it. Every culture has a high tradition of mystical insight gleaned from extraordinary experiences between the 2 worlds which separate us by a thin veil not seen by most. The only way you can move from fear…..TO faith in the eternal character of your own spirit, is to talk to someone who can take you there, and PROVE to you once and for all that LOVE, is certainly eternal. (and so too are you!)

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