Teak Wood Is the Perfect Wood for Your Patio Furniture Needs

Teak Wood Is the Perfect Wood for Your Patio Furniture Needs

“Teak.” I remember a friend of mine who was married to a woman with expensive tastes, answer his own question to: “Guess what kind of patio furniture my wife bought? Teak.” I closest conjured up images of very regal and very expensive looking patio furniture that would supplement their million dollar house. My friend, as I said, was married to a woman with very expensive tastes.

I decided to do a little research on this wood and this kind of furniture and I was able to get a clearer picture of what I was dealing with in this kind of patio furniture. I also found out what you need to look for when buying items made of teak. Finally, I looked at pricing to compare it to similar items that were for sale that were made out of other materials.

First of all teak wood is almost always harvested from self-sustaining forests. The biggest suppliers of this wood are located in Indonesia and Myanmar. It is a hardwood that is resistant to termites, it has a high oil content, and it is a strong wood with a tight grain pattern which method it holds up extremely well in outdoor situations. For hundreds of years it was used to make boats and today it would be found on higher-end boats and yachts as cabinetry. It is a wood that will keep up up very nicely over time.

Teak furniture does tend to be more expensive that furniture made of other woods. This has to do with its shortagen and need for the product in addition as its quality. However, when you look at the expected life expectancy or use of products made from this wood, the cost comes down and is more in line with other obtainable options. Also, teak tends to be used in high-end furniture and high-end furniture is almost always built to higher standards than other furniture you could buy.

This wood ages to a very pretty silver finish if you do not treat it with water resistant stain or paint. If you treat this wood with linseed oil or tung oil it ages to a nice looking, but bland finish. If you varnish the wood it ends up with a thorough and luxurious finish. When used in boat decks the decks are only cleaned with salt water, and that helps the wood continue moisture and the teak will last longer. Teak does not need sanding and it does not need cleaning with furniture polish or oils, because these cleaners will most likely damage the wood. The best way to get years of service out of this wood is to stain or varnish it once, or not at all, and simply let it age gracefully.

There are a lot of different home and patio furniture made from teak. You can get complete patio sets, tiki bars, chairs, loungers, benches, and gardening items. This kind of wood is designed to be used outdoors and to resist the elements. If you live in a climate where it gets cold in the winter, it is a good idea to store the teak indoors. Shrinking and expanding take the biggest toll on this kind of wood. I have already seen shower mats made from this wood.

If you have the budget and are in the market for patio furniture for your deck or garden, it would behoove you to look into all the wonderful products made from teak. This natural and beautiful wood will last years and will look beautiful as it ages. This wood holds up extremely well to the elements and will provide you with years of use for your family and friends.

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