Stink Bugs Problem in the United States of America

Stink Bugs Problem in the United States of America

Stink bugs have always been in existence in the United States of America. However, a new comer, brown marmorated stink bugs are causing quite a stir in the eastern parts of the United States. These bugs have caused damages to thousands of fruits and vegetables making them to cost higher. The lower number of fresh produce being harvested is the main reason for the higher price.

What are stink bugs and how can they cause so much damages to fruits and vegetables?

Stink bugs are from the hemiptera family. These bugs are also nicknamed protect bugs as they have a protect like wing at their back. You can easily identified a stink bug with this protect like wing. With their ability to release foul stinky smell this make it already more easy to recognize them.

The bug’s ability to release stinky smell is their natural defense against predators. When these bugs feel threatened or are mishandled, they will release a foul stinky liquid by the back of their abdomen. This foul stinky smell will also attract other stink bugs to come to the same place. It will act like a beacon and center of allurement. So think twice before you kill these bugs; the consequences can be bad.

These insects are not unhealthy to human beings. There is however some reported situations of human being bitten by these bugs; it is not serious nor do you have to worry about it.

The main diets of these bugs are fruits and vegetables. They are attracted to farms that produce fruits like apples, peas and tomatoes. These bugs will use their hard mouthpiece to suck juices from the plants causing discoloration mark on the fruits and vegetables. This will mark them unmarketable and of no commercial value. This is truly the main problem that is confront by farmers in Pennsylvania.

Ever since arriving in the United States of America, these bugs have settled well in Pennsylvania and are speeding at an upsetting rate to other states like New Jersey and Maryland. With the rate they are spreading, it will not be long before these bugs spread to the whole country.

As these bugs are not native to the United States of America, containing their multiplication will be a problem as they do not have many natural predators here. Currently there are only a handful of animals that will eat these stinky bugs – garden spider, bird and praying mantis.

You need to understand the life cycle and get more info about stink bugs in order to keep them away from your house or farms. With proper research, I am sure you’ll learn a great deal about these stinky insects.

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