Stem Cell Transplants Purpose – Important to Know

Stem Cell Transplants Purpose – Important to Know

What is the purpose of having Stem Cell Transplants?

Stem cells are cells that are immature but can mature into blood cells. the time of action of infusing healthy stem cells into the body system is done by cell transplants. It becomes very much necessary when the bone marrow does not work and fails to produce sufficient stem cells required by the body. The main purpose of the transplant is to make the body capable of producing enough white blood cells, red blood corpuscles and prevent situations like anemia, infections, bleeding, etc.

A stem cell transplant can also be termed as a bone marrow transplant or umbilical cord blood transplant with regard to the origin of the stem cells. This procedure can make use of cells from your body, from your identical twin in addition as those of the donors. It helps in replenishing the bodys capacity to produce blood-forming cells.

How does cell transplant help in cancer treatment?

A patient undergoing cancer treatment has to confront chemotherapy. The procedures used for stem transplants help in restoring stem cells which have been destroyed due to the application of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The transplants help the patients to cope up with the effect that these therapies have on the cells that divide rapidly.

Bone marrow is often damaged or destroyed due to high-measure treatments. This makes a patient unable to produce enough blood cells for the carriage of oxygen to the different parts of the body, prevent bleeding or already fight infection.

Leukemia and lymphoma can be treated using cell transplantation. It can b used to treat cancers like neuroblastoma, multiple myeloma, etc.

What role do umbilical cord transplants play?

Umbilical cord transplants find their use when adults experiencing from leukemia or aplastic anemia are being treated. It is a course of action where umbilical cord blood is extracted, stored and transplanted. Bone marrow donors are rarely found due to the fact that the time of action is very painful and takes a long time to heal.

Umbilical cord blood consists of haemopoietic stem cells which can reconstitute and repopulate bone marrow.

What is the importance of cord blood transplantation?

Cord blood transplantation can be considered to be an different for bone marrow transplants. Umbilical cord blood, bone marrow and peripheral blood are the supplies that are used in transplants to serve the purpose of blood forming cells.

Cord blood units can be freely used and stored. Donors are easily obtainable too. The patients condition can be improved drastically with this kind of a transplant. A person with a rarely-found tissue kind cannot find a donor easily. You may then consider a cord blood unit.

Research is being done in order to understand the differences and similarities between transplants and other forms of transplants.

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