Smith Water Heaters

Smith guarantees you continuous hot water shower after shower. How is this possible? Smith has the answer with its state-of-the-art water heaters that give you continuous supply of hot water when you and your family need it most.

There are brand names like Vertex and Rheem water heaters that provide you with strength vent in addition as direct vent gas water heaters for your home water heating solutions. It has a fully condensed design that offers continuous supply of clean, hot water whenever you need it.

It is very easy to install and hence user friendly. You can install a Smith water heater yourself if you have a little knowledge of mechanism and electricity. However, at the same time since it involves either gas or electricity it is always recommended that you get the advice or help of a specialized to do the job or unless you are a specialized yourself.

except this Smith has a range of energy saving models like the Dyna Clean and Blue Diamond that safeguard the drum against the lime and hydroelectricity that builds up due to heating. They have a glass coating that is twice more than the corrosion resistance standards.

The Smith water heaters like Rheem water heaters offer capacities from 10 gallons to 120 gallons in their gas in addition as electric models. The dip tube installed in the heater fights lime sediments and diffuses it before it could begin to settle on the inside of the heater.

Corrosion is reduced by using stainless steel chief anode rods and brass drain valves. They use UL listing for electric heaters and Piezo lighters for gas models. The inside of the tank is lined with high standard glass that diffuses the lime content that forms due to heating of water continuously. This increases the durability of the heater.

Rheem and Smith water heater models are rare in their manufacturing features and are tested reliable and trustworthy by Energy Star ratings. Energy Star is America’s standard rating system.

They extend sustain in the greenhouse effect reduction with their energy saving technologies. By using Smith water heaters or Rheem water heaters one can save a lot on monetary benefits while at the same time enjoying fresh, clean, and safe hot water whenever it is needed.

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