Smart Exam – Online Exam PHP Script

Smart Exam - Online Exam PHP Script


Best online exam PHP  with a lot of cool features. This script is designed to use both online mock tests and regular online tests. This has a beautiful consequence page it will immediately show as soon as the user finishes the exams. This script has an option to add an image with the questions and also you can add images in the choices too.

This script has an option for user login and registration. If the user has an account all the exam results are saved in the user account  for characterize references at the same time user login is not mandatory if the user wants to continue as the guest he can take the exam as the Guest and view the results but the exam details are not saved

The most attractive thing about the script the exam screen contains four different sections with the first section  on the exam screen the users can easily navigate between the different question and also the unanswered questions are collared in gray color and answered questions are highlighted in green color and the questions additional for review are highlighted  in  blue color that will help the participants to navigate by the different questions

The second section shows the statics about the exam it shows the total no question, no of questions answers, and also it shows the number of unanswered questions. This will help the participants to quickly find the exam overview

And the next two sections contain the question and the answer. Also, the exam screen contains the count down timer. When the time is over the exam will be submitted automatically 

The mock test contains an option to add explanations to the answer that will help the user to understand the answer well anyway this is an option if you don’t want to show any explanation you can leave it

This online exam PHP script has a very easy to use admin panel with the admin panel you can easily manage the Category, Exams, Users. This admin panel has all the options to manage the complete application. This script also has an Email option to send the account verification emails and password reset emails to the users. This system will surely help some who really need an online exam system please go by the demo to understand the Online exam System very well


meaningful Features

  • Designed with bootstrap 4
  • SCSS is used for style sheet
  • Build on top of lightweight framework CodeIgniter
  • Easy to use layouts
  • Exam Screen With Countdown Timer
  • Mobile-Friendly Admin Panel
  • Angular.js is used for Frontend Development
  • Admin Panel with a lot of cool features
  • Easy to use Exam Screen
  • Both User and Admin Login obtainable
  • Details Report with Explanation


PHP Version 5 or Above
Apache Web Server
MySQL Database


1, Upload all Files in Folder to you web-server
2, Create a Database in MySQL Server
3, Import the database file to you new database
4, Change Database Config 
Free Installation Guide and sustain obtainable

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