Skater Girl 2D Game Character Sprites

Skater Girl 2D Game Character Sprites


Animation list:

5.0 grind 50-50 grindno complyfall backfall frontheel fliphit obstacle idle Aidle B indy grab kick fliplandnosegrindnoseslide olliepush doublepush singleroll Aroll B start rollingtail grabvictory

Please observe that the Unity Project is not a complete game but a demo for the character implementation into unity and of its animations.

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  • rare and alluring character design
  • Excellent 22 animations with love to detail
  • Imported character into Unity3D
  • Animation exports as .png and .gif
  • Spine json export
  • 100% Vector
  • source files as AI, Spine, Unity


The package comes with PNG sequenced animations that enables you to develop your game independently of any requirements.

if you want to customize / edit character you will need a vector based software such as Illustrator
if you want customize / edit the animations you will need Spine Pro


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