Sitecube – The Best Website great number

Sitecube – The Best Website great number

Sitecube is a privately owned company that allows you to build a website. Unlike Powweb and other companies, they provide the same service but they are different in many ways. Some of their sets are extremely rare from any other web hosting companies.

For introduction, it s a web-based website building software that allows anyone to build and great number their website using this service. This piece of software is dedicated for those who has a little or no knowledge on website building. For example, if a non-programmer wants to build a flash-based dynamic website with a lot of effects, the sitecube is the best place for them.

Similar to sitecube, there are many other software. But they do not have such highly programmed web builder that allows a non-programmer to build a specialized looking website. Other sets such as Powweb, Yola, Homestead and etc. let you create a site but with limited features. These sets are excellent in addition but they are not typically made for building a specialized looking flash-based site.

They are made for building simple websites. Sitecube is not a free service, the cost of building and hosting a website can varies from $10 to $30 a month depending on what do you want. But all the packages come with a free domain name, a free domain e-mail account, 200 themes, over 300 complementary designs, over 9000 rare designs possibilities and many other features.

The users can edit their site unlimited number of times, view their traffic stats and many more. Silver and premium members can do a lot more things. They can create a flash introduction with few clicks of their mouse, add their own mp3 and let visitors listen to it using a ready made built-in Mp3 player. The best thing about this service is, it allows to publish a live recorded video on the website immediately.

The most exclusive characterize of that service is the live spokesperson. This is one of the most rare characterize that no other companies are offering. A freelance developer would take close to a thousand dollar to build one.

This service is an awesome thing, it allows you to build a dynamic intro with a person talking on your site. It looks extremely specialized for a business website. It gives an awesome impression for the client visiting your website.

This web building service is not for bloggers, infopreneurs and etc. It is exclusively for people building a companys profile and business website.

Since there are a lot of advantage with the service, there also many disadvantages in addition. The disadvantages are mostly the price, hosting and page numbers limitation. It does not provide unlimited hosting like others.

The company itself is extremely reliable since they are in this business for long time. There have never been any complain about the service. They have god extremely good reviews from their clients and others. Sitecube is the best website great number that allows anyone to create an interactive flash-based website.

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