Sail Into A Beautiful shelter In 2014

Sail Into A Beautiful shelter In 2014

"For a ship bound for no shelter, no wind is popular." Seneca, the Roman philosopher

Show me successful real estate agents and I potential I can tell you one fact about them. They had a plan. There’s not a single successful agent, golfer, CEO or movie star who didn’t have a plan.

Today, more than ever before, planning is basic. Sure, we have tons of tools, skills and technology to help, but a lot of agents will struggle again in 2014 simply because they didn’t plan. Will that be you, or will you choose success?

The good news is you can choose. The strength to get more customers rests with you. It’s inside you.

The first step is simple: Pick a goal — pick a shelter you want to sail into. Set the carrot out there for you to get excited about. Make it tantalizing, one that starts a fire in your belly. Take time to think about what it’ll feel like to reach that goal and all the good things that will come from reaching that goal: career satisfaction, specialized prestige and awards, more money, a better living, savings for the kids’ college. Write them down and keep them in an obvious identify so you can remind yourself of what you’re working toward.

The next step is getting a plan that gives you a wind so you steer towards your shelter.

Start with a SWOT examination. S = Strengths (i.e. good negotiator, great communicator, problem-solver, people-person); W = Weaknesses (i.e. phone-phobia, procrastinator, not good with details, insecure); O = Opportunities (i.e. first time homebuyers, expired listings, lower mortgage rates); T = Threats (i.e. economy, tighter lending practices, unemployment levels). Know your opportunities then build a plan to capitalize on them. What are the opportunities in your market? Short sales? First-time home buyers? Expired listings? Investors? Relocation?

Choose three or four to focus on and build a plan around each. Break down each opportunity first into your annual goal. For example, 24 closed transactions from expired listings. Then make it monthly (two per month). Then list all the responsibilities you’ll do to reach your goal. Get very specific here. Who’s going to do what and when are they going to do it. And most importantly, who’s going to keep up them accountable. (I, of course, suggest an outside coach, but I’m uncompletely!)

After this, take time to re-visit your goals – I recommend going over them at the minimum weekly with everyone involved. Something my clients use and find helpful is an ideal weekly schedule. I’m happy to proportion a sample weekly schedule with you free of charge.

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