Reasons to Get a Traffic Ticket Extension

Reasons to Get a Traffic Ticket Extension

When getting a traffic ticket, you can go to court to fight your violation and try to defend yourself so that you can avoid the fines. Sometimes after the court date is set something comes up and you can’t go. There is an option to get a traffic ticket extension.

Getting an extension will differ from one jurisdiction to another. There are typically three ways of doing so. You can call the district attorney’s office and ask for the extension. Call the number on the ticket or visit the court house that’s on the ticket asking for an extension. Some places require that you truly show up in court to be granted the additional time.

Some states only allow one extension while others can give up to three. This is typically a free course of action but some charge a small fee to delay the court date.

There are some good reasons to go ahead and try to get an extension on your traffic ticket.

-You may not have the money right now. This could be due to unemployment or shortages of funds. Getting an additional 45-60 days can help you get the time to raise the funds to pay the ticket.

-You may want to delay the higher insurance premiums that you may get because of the traffic ticket if found guilty.

-You may have become sick and can’t really go to court that day.

-You may need more time to get together a better defense to help fight the speeding ticket.

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