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A QAnon-obsessed dad who allegedly shot dead his two young children with a spear gun at a Christian resort in Mexico pleaded not guilty to the gruesome murders in a California court.

The plea comes after Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, admitted to the FBI that he killed his two young kids just days after the ‘heinous, cruel and depraved’ act, according to court documents.

Coleman will keep in an undisclosed federal prison – after prosecutors at the US District Court in San Diego argued he is a flight risk and a danger to others or himself – until his next hearing, which is scheduled for November 5.  

Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce E Dudley said his not guilty plea last Wednesday was expected, already with the FBI’s testimony. She told the Santa Barbara News-Press that ‘a confession isn’t the same as an admission of guilt’.

QA-non-obsessed father-of-two Matthew Taylor Coleman (pictured in court sketch), 40, pleaded not guilty to fatally shooting his young children with a spear gun on Wednesday in a San Diego US District Court

Last month Coleman was charged with two counts of foreign first-degree murder of United States nationals after shooting his two-year-old son Kaleo and 10-month-old daughter Roxy to death with a spear gun. The charge makes him eligible for the death penalty

Last month, Coleman was indicted and charged with two counts of foreign first-degree murder of United States nationals after he took his two-year-old son Kaleo and 10-month-old daughter Roxy to a Christian ranch in Mexico to murder them. 

He told federal agents he used a spear fishing gun to shoot Kaleo and Roxy in the heart before dumping them in a field outside Rosarito. 

Deputy Federal Public Defender Elena Sadowsky (pictured) was stated to Coleman’s case on Thursday

According to court documents, when they did not die right away, Coleman stabbed his son 17 more time and his daughter 12 more times, cutting his own hand in the time of action. 

The charges make him eligible for the death penalty. If the Attorney General decides against the death penalty, Coleman’s maximum sentence would be life in prison with a fine of up to $250,000.

Coleman was represented by a public defender. 

While Coleman’s wife Abby had no clue her husband was a QAnon follower, one of his childhood friends said that the alleged killer ‘was regularly checking those sites on his phone’.

The friend, who spoke anonymously to People, was referring to conspiracy theory websites and message boards.

 ‘He spent hours each day just glued to his phone looking at that stuff,’ he additional.

Although the friend didn’t know the exact websites Coleman frequently looked at, he said he would bring up QAnon theories throughout their conversations and say: ‘Listen to this one’.

‘He’s show me other posts of other people who believed the strangest things,’ the anonymous source told People. 

Coleman admitted to FBI that he murdered his son Kaleo (left), two, and daughter Roxy (right), 10 months, back in August. Court documents noted that Coleman was ‘enlightened’ by ‘QAnon and Illuminata’ conspiracy theories and thought he ‘was saving the world from monsters’

Meanwhile, a longtime family friend of the Colemans is finding it harder to believe the seemingly perfect father was behind the crime. 

The insider, speaking on behalf of Coleman’s complete family, said: ‘At this point, we all believe that he had a psychotic break.

Coleman was sketched in court days after the murder, on August 11, as he faced charges

‘It’s the only explanation that makes any sense to us. Something clicked, and he did something that was incomprehensible. Before August 7, we thought his life was damn near perfect.’

The family friend told People that Coleman ‘has spoken to his family on the phone’. 

‘It’s sinking in what happened, and he’s devastated. He has begged his family for forgiveness,’ they said.

The family friend also shockingly told People: ‘We’re standing by him as this goes ahead. The hope is that he’ll get the help he clearly needs.’

‘We don’t know what the future holds,’ they said, adding that their sustain does not average they’re endorsing any of Coleman’s actions. ‘I think there’s some compassion there,’ they said of Coleman’s apology, ‘but forgiveness is going to take some time. What he did is just so horrific’.

‘It’s going to take a lot of time for everyone to wrap their heads around it,’ they additional, noting that ‘we’re nevertheless grieving the senseless loss of Kaleo and Roxy’.

An anonymous family friend told People that Coleman’s wife Abby, 35, ‘didn’t see this coming’ and is haunted by questions of ‘what she could have done to stop it’

Coleman lived in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and two kids. He left on August 7 and checked into the City Express Hotel in Rosarito, Mexico. Two days later he was arrested after trying to get back in the US at the San Ysidro Point of Entry for the murder of his two children

Coleman murdered his toddlers on a Christian ranch in Rosarito, Mexico (pictured) on the morning of Monday, August 9, after leaving his Santa Barbara home on Saturday and crossing the border without his wife’s knowledge

On August 7 the Santa Barbara native left his California home in a Mercedes Sprinter van with his toddler son Kaleo and infant daughter Roxy. 

He crossed the border into Mexico and drove to Rosarito, where he checked into a City Express Hotel without Abby’s knowledge.

He told his wife that they were going on a camping trip but did not say where. He did not take a car seat and instead left with his 10-month-old daughter in a box. 

Coleman didn’t answer any of his wife’s calls or texts the next day – a Saturday. Family members reported that they also could not reach Coleman. 

CCTV footage from the hotel showed him checking out of the hotel early Monday with his children and returning later in the morning by himself.

Abby, 35, reported her husband and children missing that same day. She said she was concerned for her family’s well-being and because she knew her husband didn’t have a car seat, according to the documents. 

When she spoke to police the day before the murder she said she did not believe Coleman would harm her children and that they would ultimately return home. 

Federal agents also confirmed that she and her husband did not have any sort of argument before he left. 

Video footage showed Coleman (left), Kaleo (right) and Roxy (not seen in the picture) checking into the City Express Hotel in Rosarito on Saturday, August 7

CCTV footage shows Coleman leaving the hotel on Monday morning at 2.54am with his two children, Kaleo and Roxy

Coleman returned alone later Monday morning and then left the hotel for good in a Mercedes-Benz means, authorities said

On August 9 Coleman was apprehended by police when trying to reenter the USA at the Ysidro Point of Entry. He then admitted to killing Kaleo and Roxy, telling federal agents that he was ‘enlightened’ by ‘QAnon and Illuminata’ conspiracy theories which claim the world is run by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles.

He also said he was ‘saving the world’ because his children were ‘going to grow into monsters’ since he believed they inherited serpent DNA from their mother.

According to court documents filed in LA, Coleman was ‘receiving visions and signs that his wife possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children’. 

If he didn’t kill them, he ‘believed his children were going to grow into monsters’. 

Oddly enough, the surf school owner also admitted that he knew what he did was wrong. 

In the indictment obtained by Coleman allegedly ‘committed the offence after substantial planning and premeditation to cause the death of a person’. 

After the murder Coleman put his children’s slain bodies in some nearby brush, discarded their bloody clothes in a blue trash bin and threw the spear fishing gun near a creek, the affidavit said.

He was taken to Santa Ana jail the day after the murder and the Mexican authorities found the murder weapon, bloody clothes and a baby’s blanket.

The investigation started after the children’s mother Abby Coleman (pictured) reported her husband, son and daughter missing when Coleman didn’t answer any of her phone calls or texts

The surf instructor told federal agents that he knew what he did was wrong ‘but it was the only course of action that would save the world’

An affidavit was filed in LA following Coleman’s arrest. In the court documents, Coleman told federal agents that he was ‘receiving visions and signs that his wife possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children’

According to the court documents, when a jailer asked him why there was a band-aid on his hand he said it was from ‘hurting his children’. 

A month ago an anonymous source said that Abby ‘didn’t see this coming’ and is ‘devastated’.

The insider additional: ‘No one did. But for her, she’s starting to question everything she ever knew about her husband. It’s devastating.

‘So now she’s wondering what she could have done to stop it. Those questions are going to haunt her. If she had any idea that he was believing all this she would’ve helped him get help. But she didn’t know. And now the worst has happened.’  

In the months leading up to the crime Coleman’s posts on social media, which have since been taken down, turn slightly from biblical quotes to predictive and revelatory language.

Coleman openly talked about a new kind of ‘Great American Renaissance’ that ‘will empower each person’s heart to come alive and explode’. He goes onto ask if 2020 could just be the ‘birth pains’ of what is on its way in 2021?

Indeed, the troubled father of two declares that his daughter Roxy Rain was ‘hand picked by God to slay the giants of the land’ and calls both his children ‘gifts from God’. 

Federal agents will most likely be looking into the surf instructor’s social media accounts, which grew increasingly devout since the pandemic. It is unknown how long Coleman was entrenched in QAnon

Investigators will no doubt observe how he appears to use increasingly biblical, predictive and revelatory language

Religious screed: Coleman posted this picture to celebrate the birth of his daughter and declared that his daughter Roxy Rain was ‘hand picked by God to slay the giants of the land’

In another post, Coleman says ‘There is a truth buried in the heart of every man and woman which holds the meaningful to God-likeness. This will open the door to a limitless flow of divine strength and creativity’.

From kids retained in a pizza shop basement to drinking children’s blood here are some of  QAnon’s most bizarre theories


QAnon is established on and operates under the belief that there is a thorough-state organization of powerful, Democratic politicians who are pedophiles. 

Supporters of the theory think that for years, these pedophiles have been able to function free from criticism by protecting each other. 

It also teaches that they are Satan worshipers who, after abusing children, drink their blood. 

None of it is true. 


One theory that has been tied to QAnon but was not necessarily borne out of it is the idea that there is a video, found on the laptop of disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner, which shows his wife Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton abusing a child and then drinking the child’s blood. 


Pizzagate erupted as a theory during the first Trump election in 2016. 

It is the theory that the Comet pizza shop in Washington DC has been used for years as a base for the pedophile and child sex trafficking ring. 

Again, there is no evidence of it.  



In however another post that borne some similarity to the anti-formation ethos of QAnon, Coleman says he is ‘convinced at some point in our lives we will build up enough valid evidence for why we should stop trusting our government officials, bosses, coworkers, church, family and friends’.  

He said doing so is a ‘doorway to experiencing the most liberating reality on earth’.

The killer dad also waxes lyrical about The Renaissance and the Dark Ages. Wondering if we are living in our own Dark Age right now that is waiting to be lit up by a ‘creative explosion’.

‘The Crazy thing about history is that you don’t know what your season will be labeled as until years down the road. And more so, sometimes your time period isn’t labeled by what happens during it, but rather what happens after it.’

Investigators have begun the time of action of trying to work out how and why the otherwise seemingly happy family man could have become so twisted as to murder both his children, who he described as his ‘jewels’ on social media.

The murders are all the more baffling considering Coleman’s very public love for Abby, Kaleo and Roxy.

He often fawned over his wife on birthdays, anniversaries, describing his spouse of four years as ‘wifey’.

Coleman captioned Instagram photos of her saying he’s ‘deeply in love’ and shared photos of father-son days spent with Kaleo, to which he said: ‘When I’m with him, things that I’ve experienced a thousand times start to feel new and awe-inspiring.

‘He has this special gift in being able to recognize the glory all around him, and then bringing other people into it.’

‘You could say I enjoy being a dad,’ he wrote in an earlier post with his only son.

Neighbors of Coleman exclusively told that they are hey are ‘sickened’ after hearing the devastating news about the seemingly happy family next door.

Richard Galindo, 82, lives near surf school owner Coleman in the beach town of Santa Barbara, California.

And while Galindo says that Abby was the ‘sweetest mother’ who would always stop by and say hello, he tells that Matthew was less amiable.

The murder is all the more baffling considering Coleman’s very public love for Abby, Kaleo and Roxy. He often fawned over his wife on birthdays, anniversaries or just because and the two appeared very happily married for the past four years

In a 2018 post Coleman said he ‘can’t wait to go spearfish’ with Kaleo one day. It’s unknown if he believed in QAnon and Illuminata conspiracy theories then but he would go on to kill his toddler son using a spearfish gun as the murder weapon

Before murdering his son over QAnon-inflicted fears he would grow into a ‘monster,’ Coleman said Kaleo was an ‘amazing son’

‘I’ve known Abby for the past year, she used to walk by with her two children. She would have one in a buggy and the older one would walk. I’d see her at the minimum once a week as she passed by my house on the way to the beach. Her oldest child loved playing with the cement animal statues in my yard,’ he said with a tear in his eye.

‘[Matthew] was never really the friendly kind. When Matthew walked by my house with his kids, he seemed he was in another land, he never acknowledged me to say hi, he just looked straight ahead.’

The last time Galindo spoke with Matthew was just a few weeks ago. ‘I brought a bag of avocados over to their house, Matthew answered the door and for the first time he was truly nice as I handed him the bag. He said thank you,’ he said.

The family lived in a modest three-bedroom, two-bath, 1300-square-foot home with a two-car garage built in 1956.

Located just blocks from Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara, the home is worth $1.4 million.

The associate co-established the surfing school Lovewater Surf Co in Santa Barbara, California – where Coleman was born.

Another neighbor said the young associate have a middle aged man and his mother living in their garage. It was a condition of their rent from the owners, they said.

A different neighbor told ‘Abby was the social one of the two, but I was cautious of Matthew. He seemed a little too happy and disingenuous, fake nice almost.’ 

The family lived in a modest three-bedroom, twi-bath, 1300-square-foot home with a two-car garage built in 1956 and located just blocks from Arroyo Burro Beach in Santa Barbara 

Coleman co-established the surfing school Lovewater Surf Co in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife. According to the surf school’s website, ‘Matt and Abby enjoy finding ways to better lives by surfing, experiential education and community-based projects’


QAnon exploded in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, bolstered by the unproven theory that extensive voter fraud won the election for Biden amid extensive conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic.

It had been little by little gathering steam throughout Trump’s presidency after being established in 2017 or thereabouts. 

It started with a few posts that had been put on 4Chan, by Q, that were picked up on and promoted. 

Q claimed to be a high ranking military official with knowledge of what Trump was up against – a secret ring of pedophiles and child sex traffickers.  

Trump never endorsed the movement, although he is its hero.

He has, in the past, described some of its followers as ‘people who love our country.’ 

Facebook and Twitter have taken down or restricted countless QAnon posts which only feeds supporters’ believes that big tech is also in bed with the pedophile ring. 

At one time, the conspiracy theorist set their sights on the Robert Mueller Russia probe. 

They believe that it was a cover for a bigger investigation into the pedophile ring. 

When Mueller’s investigation concluded to no avail other than clearing Trump of wrongdoing, QAnon’s focus shifted. 

Jim Watkins attended the January 6 riot and took the filmmaker with him. It’s unclear whether or not Ron was there.  



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