Psychic Mediums – What You NEED To Ask Yourself Before Your Reading

People have weird reasons for wanting to speak to a medium.

Many are desperate to make contact with those that they’ve loved and lost. (certainly the most shared reason people seek out spiritual psychics and mediums)

  • But others have ulterior motives and rare motivations.
  • Some are disinctive but not convinced.
  • Others want to disprove, debunk or simply rain on the parade of others who believe.

nevertheless others, like myself at one point, are just trying to learn and experience as much about the magic and the mystery of the world around us all….and psychic mediums are certainly amongst the most powerful (and controversial) characters in the world today.

in spite of of why you’re thinking about speaking to a psychic medium, here is what you need to ask of yourself BEFORE you do, to ensure you aren’t wasting your time, money or emotional energy on an experience that’s destined to disappoint.

Am I OVERLY emotional or in too much grief?

I recommend people wait at the minimum 3 months after they’ve lost someone before contacting a medium. Why? Being too emotionally invested in a recent loss can make the reading too pressurized. (as if you don’t get what you came for, the resulting disappointment can be far more painful)

Also –

Many mediums believe that are loved ones need an “adjustment period” themselves when they cross. Depending on what your loved one themselves believed….this can be longer or shorter based on the kind of death, the spiritual “level” at death, etc. (many mediums believe that those who did NOT believe in anything in this life take a little while longer to get acclimated to the idea that they are NOT “dead” and continue to live on in a different way)

What are my expectations? What will I consider PROOF positive, or evidence?

Deciding what you will accept as genuine communication from your loved one is very important, before you begin. Why? Because you want to protect the integrity of the reading, and make sure that you have experienced something authentic. If you “ask” your loved ones to give you a sign, for example….or a specific kind of proof that they are “there”, you will be amazed at how often they’ll oblige! (and this makes the information that comes by MUCH more powerful, poignant and persuasive, as you won’t second guess it later)

Remember, a reading with a psychic medium can be a very powerful, very personal experience that you’ll remember for years to come. Take a few moments and prepare yourself for what is coming, and you’ll find the experience is exactly what you need, and hoped for, when you made the call.

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