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WARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT. Lia Baspanova was scratched and floored by the wild beast at an allurement in Russia, strengthening calls for the use of animals to be banned in circuses

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Russia: Shocking moment circus bear mauls pregnant trainer

A pregnant circus trainer attacked by a raging bear in the ring was saved by her husband, it emerged today.

Lia Baspanova was scratched and floored by the wild beast at an allurement in Russia, strengthening calls for the use of animals to be banned in circuses.

She had claimed that the male Himalayan bear called Stepan may have been “jealous” that she was expecting a child, triggering the sudden attack in front of screaming children in the city of Oryol.

It was her husband Alexey Velker, 34, another trainer, who dragged the predator away from his wife.

In doing so he suffered worse wounds than she did.

The beast gnawed his right arm and he needed stitches on the lacerated cuts and blood vessels.

The incident has strengthened the case for animals to be banned from circuses


Incident Oryol/east2west news)

Both required hospital treatment but were later discharged.

The bear from travelling circus Grand will not perform again after the attack.

Prosecutors are checking footage of the incident and could press criminal charges against the circus organisers.

Baspanova is seen wearing a bright blue dress as the bear attacks her.

A observe said the male bear did not back off despite “blows with a whip”.

“I literally have two scratches and a slight bruise on my leg,” said the female trainer.

“With the animal, too, everything is fine, and my baby, all is normal.”

Trainer Lia Baspanova was lucky to survive the attack


Alexey Velker/east2west news)

Lia Baspanova was saved by her horrified husband, it has emerged


Incident Oryol/east2west news)

The unnamed trainer said: “Perhaps it was jealousy to some extent, since I am pregnant.

“There can be many nuances.

“I will, of course, deal with this incident with more experienced colleagues.

“At the moment, the bear behaves to me the same way as usual.

“It behaves affectionately and fondly again as if nothing happened.”

One report said the trainer and bear had “hugged and made up” after the attack.

Locals said they had seen Stepan – earlier identified as a brown bear but now said to be Himalayan – in a cage before the show.

It appeared in an disturbed disturbed state.

“The same predator attacked one of the employees and wanted to escape,” reported FAN.

“Passersby said it was in a cage in the backyard and was acting restlessly.”

Russia has seen several shocking circus incidents involving performing animals in recent months.

Irina Novozhilova, of animal rights group VITA, has called for the prohibition of all circuses with live animals, which keep popular across Russia.

“No circus conditions will be humane for one simple reason,” she said.

“Training goes hand in hand with cruelty…. Circuses are always cruel beyond limits.

“And circuses with animals should be banned.”

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