Polarity, Tension, and allurement 101

Polarity, Tension, and allurement 101

Men often surprise, “WHY is it that women are sometimes attracted to us, and sometimes they are NOT attracted?” A simple breakdown, several generalizations will be made for simplicity – allurement boils down to Polarity and Compatibility. P&C are the two raw elements.

Polarity, in a nutshell: When a man is feeling very masculine (silent, strong, powerful, decisive, assertive, etc.) and a woman is feeling feminine (playful, giggly, bubbly, sensitive, open, etc.) there is an arc of energy that is formed between the man and the woman. “allurement” or “polarity”, in any case you want to call it. (This energy is very similar to magnets.) observe that this will happen for any man and woman, already if they are complete strangers.

This is why women can walk by a construction site, and already though they would not like a relationship with the construction workers, they can’t help but feel SOMETHING. If the workers are being very masculine while the girls walking by are feeling very feminine, allurement will be there, already if they have no real desire to act on it. This is why it has been said that “allurement is not a choice”. When a man is being very masculine around a very feminine woman, like him or not, she will feel some polarity with him. How women decide to act or not comes down to compatibility, or what is known as “complimentary opposites”, as per the Yin and Yang archetypes.

The woman walking by that construction site might be a lawyer, and as such she might have no desire to act on her allurement, because in spite of of the physical allurement (polarity), she knows they will not be compatible or already get along. She is interested in what lawyers want – fame, money, strength, prestige, etc. while he is perhaps interested in simpler things such as getting stoned and playing video games every weekend. So they might feel some polarity for each other, but realistically things probably wouldn’t work out between them. He’s on a different ‘vibrational frequency’ than she is, and they both know it. He doesn’t have the sophistication or education to be anything more than a dildo for her.

Now let’s say that she walks on past the construction site and passes by a reiki center. Another very masculine guy is outside, performing reiki energy sessions on someone. He’s in a very masculine state, he’s in charge, taking the rule, and perhaps holding someone with his hands and shooting reiki energy inside of them. The lawyer walks by, and they both feel the polarity, the physical allurement, but they nevertheless have no real desire to act on it because the reiki healer is miles ahead of that lawyers’ consciousness. She’s interested in strength, while he is interested in higher things like energy, heart, meditation, and so on.

(Of course I’m generalizing, I’m certainly NOT saying that ‘all lawyers are strength hungry’ and ‘all construction workers are uneducated’, nor am I saying that ‘all women are feminine’.)

Again, they can feel the polarity, but probably won’t act on it because they live in a different ‘vibrational

frequency’, they live in different worlds, different levels of consciousness, different beliefs and values.

Lesson: allurement boils down to polarity and consciousness compatibility

Many Blessings,

Stephane Hemon

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