People proportion eye-opening stories of their emotional affairs

‘I’m seeing my best friend’s husband’: People proportion eye-opening stories of their emotional affairs – from an employee who had her boss fired to a scorned wife who wanted revenge

  • People who have had emotional affairs shared their stories on Whisper
  • One married woman admitted she had feelings for her best friend’s husband
  • Another had a relationship with her boss and made sure her husband found out 

There is no sex in an emotional affair – but these confessions prove they can nevertheless be just as damaging as complete-blown infidelity. 

People from around the world took to US-based secret sharing app Whisper to proportion details of their illicit relationships, including one woman who started seeing her boss.

Another unfaithful wife told how she is embarking on an emotional affair with her best friend’s husband. Meanwhile one man said he can’t cut off communication with his ex. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most eye-opening revelations…  

Can’t stop: This mother-to-be can’t end her emotional affair already though she is expecting a baby with her current partner. It is just one of the shocking confessions shared on Whisper

Understanding? Or unbothered? A woman was surprised by her husband’s laid-back reaction to discovering she had been having an emotional affair with her boss

The one who got away? This person from Brunswick, Maryland, is seeking comfort in their ex who they believe is their ‘soul mate’ – despite being in a relationship with someone else 

Payback: This scorned wife knew exactly what she was doing when she started an emotional affair with her boss – and has no regrets

Sometimes two wrongs do make a right: This woman from Memphis, Tennessee, seemed able to forgive her boyfriend for his indiscretion after confessing her own emotional affair

Caught up in the excitement: This cheater from Redvales, Greater Manchester, has fallen in love with the person they started up an emotional affair with – and isn’t surprised

Wrong but it feels so right: This married woman from North Bay, Ontario, is delving deeper with her best friend’s boyfriend and refuses to stop the affair

A shocking discovery: This woman from Silver Springs, Florida, sought refuge back in her husband’s arms after straying

Keeping the truth hidden: This woman from Houston, Texas, won’t tell her husband that another man is behind her tears

Wanting something more: This unfulfilled wife is thinking about taking the next step in her affair

Making excuses: This man from Columbus, Ohio, claims he just can’t leave his ex alone 

Ready to move on: This woman from Santa Maria, California, is prepared to put her marriage first 

Too close for comfort: A Canadian man from Sunnyside, British Columbia, turned to his female friend for help… but realises he might have crossed a line in the relationship

Catching him out: This woman from Richmond, Virginia, had her boss fired after their affair

Time to call it quits: This person from Norwich was so unhappy in their relationship they turned in other places for an emotional bond

Crossing boundaries: This husband from Sandisfield, Massachusetts, is betraying his wife on every level

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