Northern lights latest – Aurora Borealis and strength outage to hit UK AG…

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In an update on Monday, the Space Weather Prediction Centre said the moderate geomagnetic storm watch continued last night (October 12).

Its experts additional: “Aurora can often be observed somewhere on Earth from just after sunset or just before sunrise.

“The aurora is not visible during daylight hours, [it] does not need to be directly overhead but can be observed from as much as a 1,000km away when the aurora is bright and if conditions are right.

“The aurora is an indicator of the current geomagnetic storm conditions and provides situational awareness for a number of technologies.

“[It] directly impacts high frequency radio communication and GPS/GNSS satellite navigation.

“It is closely related to the ground generate currents that impact electric strength change.

“For many people, the aurora is a beautiful nighttime occurrence that is worth travelling to Arctic regions just to observe.

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