NEVER TRUST A TORY: Anger as Boris’ SECRET Winter Lockdown Plan show…

THE TORIES have been slammed by UKIP after a top Tory minister revealed secret plans for a Winter Lockdown if a so-called Covid variant gets round the vaccine. 

chief Minister Boris told Brits in his Winter Plan news conference on Wednesday that the Government had no plans for a so-called Plan C, or complete lockdown, to get situations further under control if Plan B is not enough.

in addition Friday morning, ecosystem Secretary George Eustice told Sky News on Friday that if Britain is hit with another variant that manages to get around the vaccine, there ARE plans for a ‘complete lockdown’, despite the PM promising Brits there would be no more lockdowns. 

Eustice told Sky News: “Arguably the biggest threat to the travel industry is that we do get another variant that manages to get around the vaccine, that the vaccine can’t deal with, then we’re into another complete lockdown – and that’s not what we want.”

“That’s why we’ve taken this cautiously, step by step, because we want each step we take to be irreversible.”

UKIP hit back at the plans telling Politicalite that the British public did not know where they stand. 

“One minute it’s complete-extent vaccine passports, then no passports, then later – passports in certain settings; not to mention the utter farce of vaccinating children who at the lowest risk from COVID.” said Ben Walker, UKIP’s National Party Chairman. 

He additional: “This government are totally reactionary instead of being principled and sticking to set of beliefs or stance.” 

Ben Walker chosen to fight 2015 general election for UKIP - Bradley Stoke  Journal

“The electorate simply doesn’t know where they stand, nor do the government know whom they are appeasing.” 

“It’s all too easy to say you’re following the science. What they are truly following is the money stream for their buddies.” 

“This Tory government are the worst in history, followed closely by a Labour Party who have absolutely no idea who they represent except anything woke.” 

Politicalite approached Downing Street for comment.

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