Meta Data Structure Damage in HP-Unix Operating System

Meta Data Structure Damage in HP-Unix Operating System

An unbootable hard excursion quantity is one of the shared problems encountered by users working on HP-Unix operating system. Few main reasons responsible for an unmountable behavior are file system damage, metadata structure corruption, virus attack, and more. One of the major consequences of an unbootable hard excursion quantity is the inaccessibility of data stored in that particular quantity. To access the data stored in that quantity, the best possible way is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, if no back up is obtainable or backup falls short to restore the desired data, then you will need to use progressive HP-Unix Data Recovery application that can successfully retrieve your lost data.

As a functional example, you encounter the below error message, when you attempt to mount your HP-Unix based system:

vxfs fsck: file system had I/O error(s) on meta-data.
log replay in progress
file system is not clean, complete fsck required
pass0 – checking structural files
pass1 – checking inode sanity and blocks
vxfs fsck: fsck read failure bno = 237640, off = 0, len = 8192
file system check failure, aborting…

The above error message appears each time you attempt to mount your system.


The root cause for the above error message, as stated in the error message, is the input/output error(s) in the file system.

The best way to resolve the file system corruption HP-Unix operating system is to run the FSCK command (also suggested in the error message). However, in this case, the FSCK command will not be able to resolve the problem because the command can not resolve the input/output errors. Two ways to conquer the above issue are discussed below:

Change the hard excursion.

Re-install HP-Unix operating system.

In case of fresh re-install of HP-Unix operating system, all the data saved in the hard excursion gets erased. To retrieve the data from the formatted hard excursion partition, you will need to use HP-Unix Data Recovery application. These HP-Unix Recovery applications use powerful scanning methods to retrieve the data from formatted hard excursion partitions. Such recovery applications are designed by highly talented engineers and are incorporated with highly graphical user documentation that makes them easy to understand and implement.

Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX – Data Recovery is efficient HP-Unix Recovery software that supports HP-UX file versions like HP-UX 10.x, 11 and 11i. It gets installed on Windows (2003, XP, 2000, NT3.51 and above, ME, 9x) and the affected HP-UX hard excursion should be connected as slave.

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