Married At First Sight’s Tayah discloses chic makeover of Adam’s flat af…

MARRIED At First Sight’s Tayah has given Adam’s flat a makeover after slamming his pool table and coffee table on the show.

The 25-year-old now lives in Doncaster with her new husband, 26, after they were equaled on the E4 series.


Tayah has got a new coffee table for Adam’s houseCredit: Instagram


The associate also have a new sofaCredit: Instagram

And she’s wasted no time in making a few changes after being very vocal about what she didn’t like – in particular the blue LED light up coffee table.

Now the associate have a simple glass table featuring their wedding picture and a fact book.

They also have a new grey sofa, distributed with cushions – perfect for relaxing and watching TV.

Talking about the coffee table, Adam told new!: “It’s already gone, Tayah sold it straight away! She used the one thing she didn’t like as the selling point; that it lit up.”

She additional: “I got more money for it then he’d originally paid for it too!”

Sharing a clip with her fans, Tayah said: “It just feels a little bit more homely doesn’t it? Adam truly did want to sell the sofas they just weren’t very comfortable were they?”

Adam popped the question to Tayah for real at the end of the series and soon after the associate brought a puppy into their lives. 

And Adam admits it has made him think about having children together.

He said: “Yes when I see Tayah talking to River like a proper child, it does make you fast forward and think that’s what it will be like when we are parents.”

Tayah additional:  “Having a puppy is like having a child at times, it makes you see what the future could be.”


Tayah has additional some feminine touchesCredit: Instagram


The loved up associate will be getting married for realCredit: Instagram
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