Lung Cancer Rates Among Women On the Rise

Lung Cancer Rates Among Women On the Rise

New figures released by the charity – Cancer Research U.K., indicate the contrasting trends in smoking between men and women have caused a sharp increase in lung cancer situations among women. The actual figures show a 73% rise for women, and a 47% decline among men since 1975 (men who smoke have been on the decline since the 1950s [women who smoke did not start to drop until the 1970s]).

Other startling figures released were as follows:

  • U.K. lung cancer rates have fallen (overall) by 20% since 1975.
  • 2011 annual figures were around 43,500 situations (23,800 men, and 19,700 women).
  • 35,200 moralities (19,600 men, and 15,600 women [same 2011 period]).
  • Women – 41 in every 100,000 suffer from lung cancer (up from 23 in every 100,000 in 1975).
  • Lung cancer is the second most shared cancer in the U.K. (breast cancer being in the number-1 identify).
  • Lung cancer in now the number-1 cancer killer in the U.K., which kills 50% more sufferers than the second most diagnosed cancer – bowel cancer.
  • 87% of all situations diagnosed can be credited to smoking.
  • Less than 90% of sufferers will be alive 5-years after diagnosis.
  • The north of the U.K. tends to suffer from the highest rate of diagnosed situations, while the lowest rates are to be found in the east, south-east, and the south-west of the country.
  • In Scotland, diagnosed situations among women have almost doubled during the past 40 years.

Conclusion: Lung cancer nevertheless remains to be one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century – with the without of awareness (or understanding) to the damages that smoking can do to an individual, and the economic/social problems that many individuals in the U.K. suffer – nevertheless considered to be the two main reasons behind this new increase in cancer related disease.

These newly released figures can only be a stark reminder as to the problems that nevertheless exist, and the up-hill battle that nevertheless remains in combating the disease. Smoking nevertheless remains to be the No.1 self-inflicted DEATH SENTENCE in the U.K., and the world as a whole.

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