Legally Clear Your "Credit Card Debt" in Days

Legally Clear Your "Credit Card Debt" in Days

One of the most soul destroying things to happen to anyone is be in a financially comfortable situation one day and in credit card debt with little or no income the next.  This, more often or not, is caused by illness or job loss. 


With today’s credit crunch we are not safe from either of these situations and the stress that comes with that can often bring on illness at times or already family upsets.


When we have money problems we need to look at what money is coming in each month, against what is going out.  We need to see what we can cut out, or reduce payments on.  We have to keep up rent or mortgage payments, local character taxes and utility bills.  We have to at the minimum try to keep up with insurance payments and, of course, we all need food.  There are always things like TV licenses and things that must be on the list to keep you on the right side of the law.


There are some people who can try to reduce their mortgage e.g. to interest only for a while when things get tough.  Then we come to the nasty, very expensive things like credit and store cards and of course loans.


The question is how to deal with these.  I receive calls for help from people who have tried getting the interest rates lowered on credit cards. It is heart rendering to hear stories of those with interest rates, some well over 20+%. That makes it almost impossible to try and pay them off in most situations. 


I have heard and read over and over again, that if you need help, you should always call the card company to simply ask for a lower rate. For most people I speak with who have done this, they are told NO!  But they should contact Citizens Advice Bureau for debt advice.


I read a report somewhere that suggested that calling your card company and asking to reduce the rate helped a little over 50% of people who tried it. I personally do not know anyone that has experienced this help, but there could be a group that qualifies somewhere.


Some paid their cards on time but only paid the minimum payment each month. Some people have a huge debt-to-income ratio, with most cards almost maxed out, with no obtainable credit level left. That makes them a high risk, and a high risk account method that a higher interest rate is often introduced on that account. This, by its character, takes away the chance of negotiating a lower interest rate, and why asking for rate reduction is not always a realistic option. 


Since getting a lower rate becomes not an option, people try then to look at the cards with the highest interest and clear these first, by paying as much as possible on these.  By lowering their credit utilization (how much of the credit limit is being used) in addition as make sure all payments are made on time.


Both of those factors truly work to increase one’s credit score over time, but the payments are always nevertheless hard to cover each month.


If there is no spare money from their income to do this, some try perhaps selling unused items or already try to acquire a permanent part-time job, but these today, are very hard to find and usually very low paid. 


Making a clear effort to manage your money and deal with debt is so important for all of us. 


Getting an improvement to a credit score could make it possible to acquire a new credit card, with a lower interest rate to use to move a higher rate balance. Should anyone be able, or want to get another credit card with a low rate, this could permit them to get a balance move. This with possibly an introductory 0% interest and they could finally be paying off the debt, not just the interest. An IMPORTANT information of caution with balance transfers: make sure every payment is on time or you may be faced with an interest rate over 30%.


already with the balance transfers, some people nevertheless seem to only manage to clear some debt and then have to try to take out loans to get free of their other high interest credit card debts.  This is also some times a great risk, as the loans are themselves often high interest.  The loan company will determine the amount of risk with a loan given and decide the interest rate level that they feel is comfortable for the risk they are taking.  Alas, nothing is easy.


It’s not easy when we have all been offered “easy money” via credit cards or store cards, loans from every money lending company and edges.  It is easy to take these things on when times are good and income is flowing, but no one knows when the tide will change and life will get hard.  Where are these companies then when you need help?



1.   There are always debt management companies to turn to. Some charge huge current fees and in the end you nevertheless owe the credit card companies about 50% of the debt.


2.   There are Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). This is a way of avoiding bankruptcy and reducing the interest payable but you are nevertheless paying your debts for 5 years.


If you use either of these ways they all will risk affecting your credit rating for years to come.


GOOD NEWS!  There is a system that can help clear credit card debt that I have found and it has been successfully used in the UK for over 5 years. This system gives you all the knowledge and information you need to get free of Credit Card Debt in days.


No fees or current payments to the card companies. 100% legal and will not affect your credit rating. The knowledge and information in this rare package obtainable for buy, cannot easily be found without a lot of time and research and knowledge of the banking system, law and your rights.  You will be amazed at how much you will soon learn and understand about your money, the edges and your debts.


Every person and each card company are in some way different.  Everyone needs or would like to help themselves.  This system allows that.  It is a human instinct to keep our personal finance matters private, and that is just what this system does. No-one has to know how many cards, loans or debt amount you have.


All you need is, to be able to use a computer and have an Internet connection and just respond to harmonies using template letters.  Use the system, understand your rights and use them.


Sometimes we all need help in some way for something but cannot ask, do not like to ask. This information could give some new hope, and peace of mind. Please pass this report on unchanged to everyone you know, it may help many. You never know who may need it most.  It could be your best friend, neighbour or already someone in the family who is too embarrassed at being in debt, to talk to anyone and ask for help. They could also feel afraid of the continued phone calls and threats some lenders give.


Give someone the help and understanding they have dreamed of today.

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