Learn How to “Ghost” Friends and Neighbors for Halloween!

Learn How to “Ghost” Friends and Neighbors for Halloween!

Start a spooky trend by secretly ghosting friends and neighbors. Prepare a few treats in a plastic pumpkin or trick-or-treat bag. Be sure you have enough goodies for the kids in each household.

After dark, leave it on their doorstep along with the following instruction sheet and a ghost picture.

The idea is for the people you have ghosted to continue the fun by in turn ghosting others. This way the fun continues on and on …

You can keep anonymous or clue them in after the Halloween fun is over.


Instruction Sheet:


The Phantom ghost has come around

To leave you goodies I see you have found.

If you do not wish a curse to fall

Continue this greeting, this ghostly call.

First, post this ghost where it can be seen

On a door or window until Halloween.

This will keep ghosts from visiting again

Be sure to participate, if you dont its a shame…

Make two treats, two ghosts, two notes – just like this.

Take them to two neighbors who may have been missed.

Dont let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt.

Check back to be sure that they put their ghost out.

You dont have much time to act, so be fast!

Leave treats at homes where no ghost has passed!

Deliver after dark, when theres barely a light…

Ring a doorbell and run, then stay out of sight!!!

And last but not least, come join in the season.

Dont worry, be happy, youll need no good reason.

Be scary, have fun and try not to be seen

And proportion in the spirit of this

Happy Halloween!!!


Click here to view a simple ghost picture you can use.


My kids and I love ghosting their friends. We go out on a cool fall evening just before Halloween to make our surreptitious deliveries. But thats only half the fun! The other half is all the speculation they hear the next day at school about who left the goodies.

We then watch to see if their friends put their ghost up and wait to see if just maybe theyll ghost us back!

Have Fun and Happy Ghosting!

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