Lagos, Nigeria Was Honored by Top Air Safety Evaluation Certificate

Lagos, Nigeria Was Honored by Top Air Safety Evaluation Certificate

Hats off to the Lagos, Nigeria which has got this exceptional achievement when the U.S. Ambassador declared, that they are giving Nigeria, Air aviation most wanted category 1 certificate. The whole country has famous this joyful event with complete zeal. So now people from any where in the world can take advantage of obtain flying with flights to Lagos. Lagos is the administrative and economical center of Nigeria. Most of the official affairs are designated to this city. The Nigerian federal aviation operations are mainly carried out at the famous Murtala Muhammad international airport which is located in Lagos.

Nigeria has got a big fame due to its aviation industry by getting the International Aviation Safety Assessment Certification (IASA). With this rank, Nigeria’s air safety evaluation has been improved and now makes this nation capable enough to stand in the leading group of countries that are greatly ranked in carrying passengers to and from world wide destinations by air. Now you can take flights to Lagos any time with complete peace of mind that your journey will be more obtain than ever before. Now with this certificate the Airlines of Nigeria can fly to any where to any state of U.S. directly with Nigerian cabin crew.

This ranking of the nation method that it meets all the global air safety laws made by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This organization has worldwide eminence in aviation and also a moderate agency of United Nations. This agency sets rules for the roles and protections of air lines. In July a survey was conducted by the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority and this certificated is consequence of that review. Many other countries have got this certificate but many of them failed to continue it but Nigerian government assured that they will continue all these standards rather will try to enhance it more. This certificate has also saved millions of dollars of Nigerian aviation industry by applying lesser insurance premium on the Airlines. Flights to Lagos have become a great source of contentment now which anyone can opt without taking any other option.

Mostly business travelers travel to Lagos for the trading, industrial and administrative significance of the city in Nigeria. Booking Lagos flights will not only offer them quality flying sets but also at very cheaper rates. Because now Arik Air would list the airplane which is operating flights to Lagos from and to New York with the Nigerian cabin crew will save more money to the Airlines and finally to travelers.

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