Kids Seeing Sparkles

Kids Seeing Sparkles

I get so many great questions, either while lecturing and conducting workshops, or by phone conversations and emails. They are so important to everyone, that I’ve decided to proportion some of them that could be of assistance to everyone.

The following is the answer to a question send to me from a woman searching the internet for information about what her young daughter was seeing: Sparkles.

I thought this article would be a great way for many people to gain from one person’s question. By presenting the question along with the answer I provided, I have chosen to change names and some circumstances just to keep anonymity. The woman who contacted me, “Karen” has given permission to proportion this information with you. And I send my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to her and her sweet family.

Karen found me on Google while trying to research “sparkles” that her 7 year old sees. Her daughter has been seeing “sparkles” since she first told Karen about them when she was only 2. She was trying to catch them… jumping up, etc with her hand opening and closing.

Karen asked her daughter asked her various questions regarding the sparkles. She sees thousands of them… all different colors… all the time. Day, night, light, dark, etc. All the time.

Her daughter is amazed that no one else can see them. She assumed for a few years that everyone could. Her siblings are teenagers and she doesn’t talk about them as freely with them, since they are skeptical about her seeing the sparkles. Her eyes/vision were tested and they were fine. Karen asked her pediatrician and he said she was playing – kind of an imaginary friend.

There are no “bad” ones, except she doesn’t seem to like the small black one she sometimes sees. She said they are just round and look like sparkles. They don’t talk, they aren’t “people”.

Karen asked me to explain to me what she could be seeing. Is this good or bad for her? Are they auras? They seem to be in rooms, but not “on” people. Not stronger or lighter on people, just around… everywhere.

Here is my answer to her:

Thank you so much for connecting with me. I certainly hope I can bring some resolve to you.

First of all, I feel you are very blessed to have a daughter who is open and sharing with the things she sees or witnesses. I know she is eight now, but as a two year old, she could not possibly make up something like that. Her natural responses to the occurrences is proof enough to me that it is real.

But besides that, I have known other children who see or hear or feel things other than the normal physical things we are comfortable experiencing. It is important to realize that we are all spirits. We are spirits who are really living in a physical body, experiencing the earth plane, or third size. Then you start to open to other possibilities. We truly are limited in many ways by our physical bodies!

Have you ever tried to walk by an open door, only to bump into the side of the frame with your hip or shoulder? That is because the true self (spirit being) saw no limitation. But the physical body really is limited by the physical doorway.

Your daughter is not seeing limitation. She sees things of a spiritual-vicinity character. It is natural and normal. It exists, whether we see with our physically limited eyes or not. There is a story about the time when there were only natives living in the Americas… long before it was United States. There were men from Europe who were searching for other lands in their ships. They came to the eastern coast of America. The Indians who lived there did not see the ships because there mind had never witnessed anything that represented such a thing. It was totally foreign to them. The brain could not register the vision of the ships.

Several days passed and the leader started to notice ripples in the water… slowly then began to see what had always been there – the ships.

Our children these days are coming into the world totally aware of the spirit vicinity. They see no limitation. We must be alright with that, because it shows how wonderfully our human race is evolving!

My daughter was born in 1974. She was raised in an openly spiritual ecosystem. We taught her about communication with angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed away. When she was about 30 years old she reminded me that she could see things in the dark air of night. She described it as looking at a television set when the network picture was not on… gray fuzzy stuff. Only she saw it anytime at night, not when she was looking at television.

When she focused on it, the fuzz started to move and change, then take form. It would shift into animals and scenes that she recognized. Sometimes it was fearful to see, because she didn’t understand some of the things visible to her. They looked scary, like monsters.

It took a long time for me to understand what in the world she was talking about. already when she explained it in terms I could understand, I nevertheless didn’t get it. (Qnd I’m a spiritual medium! ) So for your husband and other older children to question the validity of the experiences, I totally understand. They just don’t “get it”.

But that’s okay. It isn’t important for them to understand. Your daughter knows you believe it, and that is enough.

I believe she is seeing ethereal energy. It is not people’s auras per se, but the same stuff that they are made of. It is just an unorganized form of that energy: pure and simple. Quite a blessing.

As she grows, she may begin to see it change and take form too. I hope she is able to continue to describe these sparkles to you, especially as they take form. She may be the one to write the book on these experiences.

I hope I have settled some things in your mind.

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