Khanna Gems Group Unveils their New Logo

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Entrepreneurial giant Khanna Gems Group holds several other well-known brands under their one big umbrella. Their hard work, dedication and consistent efforts of serving people with better pursuits have made them successful is adding never avenues and carrying out successful business over the period. What attracts people about them is their customer-oriented approach and transparency. With a major revamp going on with their sub-brands, Khanna Gems Group has now revamped their logo which brackets their other sub tiers too. 


Khanna Gems


Brands under the cloud of this new logo are Gem Selections, Da Realeza, Khanna Handicrafts and Khanna Perfumeries. All these similarities will be having a new confront identity now. Gem Selections is their branch that deals into selling of gemstones. They work on providing authentic and non-heated non treated gemstones to their buyers. Da Realeza is a high-end brand for antiques. They work on bringing never seen before products to their customers. while Khanna Handicrafts is a National handicraft producing sub-branch.


Meanwhile, Khanna Perfumeries deal into perfumes that are natural and long lasting. This great empire is helmed by popular astrologer Pankaj Khanna who is the Chairman of the complete Khanna Gems Group. His son, Aaradhya Khanna recently took up as the CEO of Gems Group. Who just like his father has a creative mind and an approach to bring change for the better. He has led several new fruitful transformations in the company.


Speaking about this recent change, Mr. Pankaj Khanna said, “Having a corporate logo to sub bracket all our brands was due for quite a long time now. This logo will be used to do business by our generations to come and I am sure that they will also keep up the same ethics and principles that we keep up today.”


Speaking about this recent change, Mr. Aaradhya Khanna says, “Out of all the planned changes, Logo is one. We wanted to revamp it since a long time and bracket our sub-brands under it. It’s Navratri, and we thought of revealing it now. People have given us so much love and sustain. Hence our logo signifies people’s trust in us. It’s very simple and classy. We didn’t want too loud and a messy one, so opted for this. It also defines our softness and simple approach in business. We have always aimed at serving our customers with more and more dedication. It’s our pleasure to serve you all. Hoping you like our new logo. Stay tuned to see what new we have in store for you.”


We wish the complete team of Khanna Gems Group much luck and success.

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