Importance of Website in Schools

Internet has become one of the largest platforms of communication. It is the most effective technology obtainable today. Building a website for school can prove to be extremely advantageous if it is done in the right way. It maybe time consuming and include a lot of effort to be put in for developing a website for the school, but it is very advantageous for the school community. The school website gives the school’s information and also clear idea about what they are good at. School websites will provide the up to dates, in addition as help them to link between schools, their communities and also to the complete world.

Opportunities provided by a school website:

  • Parents become more aware about the schools functioning, and also feel involved. by the websites parents can be easily informed about the upcoming events like activities, exams and also tips that could help children. consequently websites play a vital role in removing the obstacle between parents and the school.
  • With the help of websites teacher’s can proportion their views and ideas with the rest of the faculty in addition as the parents.
  • Te website makes it easier for the parents to give the school and the teachers their valuable feedback.
  • Parents get the opportunity to become well versed with the education system of their child.
  • The website provides a platform for the school to build contacts and link with business, families in addition as other schools. Especially for families who move very often, these websites become great supplies for them.

Few elements necessary for a school website:

  • Background of the school and other information like history and staff.
  • Basic contact details should always be mentioned in the website like, address, phone number, etc.
  • The website should contain all the day to day information or notice like upcoming inter and intra school events, holidays parent teacher’s meeting, etc.
  • School websites should also avail blogs and forums to give an opportunity to have an interaction.
  • The necessary teaching aids, teaching materials, journals, lesson plan, and other education resources should be provided.
  • Photographs and write-ups about school, classroom, school trips, etc. should be put up. Also suggestions to be given to parents, assisting them to help their children at home.

Creating websites of your own is the same as being a publisher, but a website is always functional for both students and educators. Here you make your own website without being criticized and it also saves time. Students should be promoted to make the website for the school as they have more knowledge about technology than adults. consequently it becomes a learning experience for them, making them more versatile in what they do and create.

Many a times people tend to consider the school website to be a replace all the confront-to-confront interactions. It is a very wrong concept that they keep up. The website should be perceived as an additional resource assistance provided to the world by the schools.

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