How to Use Your Bills to Attract Money Fast

How to Use Your Bills to Attract Money Fast

A problem that many people have with a lot of allurement is being able to keep up a visualization during times of stress. A big stressor for most people is the act of paying bills. But it is something that absolutely everybody has to deal with. As you study every information of this article you will be amazed that you can truly use your bills to attract money fast.

Sit in a comfortable area and have your bills spread out in front of you. Have a notepad handy. I also find it helpful to play some upbeat music in the background as your are doing this. Open the first bill envelope up. Look at the amount. Multiply it by 100. Now visualize that Bill as a check written out to you for that amount. At the top of your scratchpad write “Money I Have Received Today.” And write down the amount that you visualized under it. For example, if you had an electricity bill for $198, you will write down $19,800. Do this with the rest of your bills.

Once that is done, total all the amounts up. Now you have an amount you can use to visualize as income for today. Really feel how good it is to receive this amount. Be thankful for it. Feel the excitement and try to think of things that you can truly buy with this amount of money.

Once you feel that your excitement and good feelings are at its peak, then start to pay off those bills. Being in this state of mind is extremely powerful in the Law of allurement. It is one of wealth and abundance. You are truly using your bills as leverage to create this mind state.

The Universe will work hard to create a reality that matches your feelings and thoughts!

You now know how to use the act of paying bills to attract money fast. Using this method can truly make it fun to write checks. Having fun, feeling good, and being thankful are all keys to mastering the Law of allurement.

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