How To: Toilet Repair

How To: Toilet Repair

Hiring specialized plumbers can be draining on the pocketbook. If you are in need of toilet repair sets, consider taking on the repairs as a do-it-yourself project to save money and educate yourself on handy work around the home. While harsh situations may require a specialized, there are some basic repairs such as unclogging a toilet or repairing a running toilet that can be done in little time and with little effort. Follow online tips and step-by-step instructions, and be your own toilet repair provider for a fraction of the cost.

How to Fix a Running Toilet

If you have a standard or dual flush toilet, and are tired of hearing continuous running water, there are several simple solutions to fix this problem. Not only will you reduce the noise pollution throughout your home, you will also notice the savings on your water bill. The most shared cause of a running toilet is when the guide rod attached to the tank stopper and chain is bent. If this is the case, simply straighten it and you may notice the reduction of noise closest.

The next culprit to leaks is the floating ball underneath the tank. If you happen to lift this ball and the water running stops right away, bend the arm attached to this ball until the correct buoyancy is achieved without touching. If the ball is damaged, you may need to install a new one for a quick and simple solution.

There are several toilet repair projects that can be performed in a matter of minutes for free. Take on simple do-it-yourself projects and install anything from a standard substitute to a bidet toilet seat without spending unnecessary money. Not only will you save money, you will have a new found confidence in the work you have performed.

How to Unclog a Toilet

Perhaps the most shared issue with toilets are clogs. While the first solution anyone would recommend is a plumber, there are some situations where a plunger just will not suction enough pressure to release the clogged item in the pipes. Knowing how to properly used a plunger prior to resulting to other alternatives is important. instead of frantically plunging, you must be sure there is enough water in the bowl to fully submerge the plunger cup. If this is the case, apply petroleum jelly to the outside of the cup to provide a tight grip during the drop. When inserting your plunger, make sure there is no air retained in the interior for the best suction and pressure. Make 20 repetitious forceful plunges, and continue until the clog is gone.

If the clog is far too major for the use of a plunger or drain liquid compound, you may require more technical tools such as a toilet snake. Toilet snakes are long wires that are snaked by the drain to release the clog manually. These can come in electric form, or manual depending on your budget. Many home improvements stores rent these tools to do-it-yourself homeowners for a fee if you do not have the budget to invest in your own. If you do have to consequence to a toilet snake for a one piece toilet, be careful not to scratch the bowl during use.

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