How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Because air conditioning can make up more than half of our electric bill, it’s good to know how you can save some money. Here are some tips…

-Turn it off when nobody is the house. Although the AC will be working overtime once you get back to your house, the net assistance is that you save money on your electric bill.

-Install a ceiling fan in your house. It uses very little electricity and can make your surroundings feel 10 degrees cooler. This method that you can leave your thermostat on at a higher setting and consequently save some money in the time of action.

-Make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. You don’t want your air conditioning to cool down the outside air. If the hot air from the outside gets to the area of the thermostat, your air conditioner will be working overtime already though the area away from the thermostat is already cool.

-Consider replacing your light bulbs to fluorescent lighting. Not only does this kind of lighting system suck up less electricity, it spreads out less heat, making your air conditioner work a little less.

-If you have an old conditioner, consider getting a new one, which is more energy efficient. Although you’ll pay more upfront, over time, you’ll get back your money in the form of lower electric bills.

-Make sure to replace your AC filter every month or whenever it gets dirty. If it is dirty your air conditioner is not as efficient as it can be.

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