How to Put Together a Teleseminar For Your Business

How to Put Together a Teleseminar For Your Business

This is especially true at this time of the year when there is a big push to wrap up 2009 and start planning and preparing for the set afloat of 2010.

Steps to Planning a Teleseminar

You’re going to need to do some technology planning to pull off a teleseminar. Since attendees on the call typically go beyond the amount of lines that a standard conference call needs, you’ll need to setup a bridge line. A bridge line is a long-distance number attendees and the great number dial-in to on the date and time of the call. Typically, there is an option to record the call as the great number so that you can proportion the audio file with attendees at a later date. Sharing the audio file provides you with another touch point with possible clients. You can also proportion or sell the audio file at a later date to those who could not attend the live call so it’s a way to generate additional and passive income.

There are a variety of free and paid teleseminar sets to choose from. One of the top rated paid teleseminar systems online is called Great Teleseminars by Dan Janal. The Great Teleseminars system allows you to collect contact information for your leads and to record the program, so it offers a comprehensive tool for planning and implementing a teleseminar all in one identify. Free teleseminar options may provide you with a free bridge line to use, but it limits the amount of attendees that can dial-in to the call and typically doesn’t deal with the registration side, so you have to use another resource.

Teleseminar Steps for Success

Once you have your bridge line and attendee registration technology chosen, you can then move on to pick a date for the event. Thinking about your audience, try to schedule the call at a time functional to most attendees. If your possible attendees are in different time zones, consider this in addition. Good times to great number seminars for business owners, for example, may be lunch time or first thing in the morning.

* Pick a topic

* Send invitations to your subscriber list. Be sure to include specific details about the topic, the start and end time, date and why they should attend the call-the what’s in it for them

* Invite outside supplies by posting your call online, having related businesses include it in their newsletter, etc.

* Set a price-anywhere from FREE to hundreds of dollars

* Follow-up with attendees for feedback, testimonials and to transform leads into business where you can

In a comparatively short period of time, you can prepare for and great number your own teleseminars. Hosting your own teleseminar or teleseminar series is a great way to generate immediate income for your business.

Interested in learning more about proven marketing strategies you can implement for your business? Check out Blueprint to Marketing for a free preview call and teleseminar series that walks you step-by-step by creating a marketing blueprint for the New Year. You’ll walk away with a marketing plan complete of effective and easy to implement strategies that may make your 2010 year your best one however.

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