How to Make Your Own Payslip

How to Make Your Own Payslip

Running your own business and in need of a sample payslip to use in your own company? Here’s what you can do in time for the coming pay period.

Option 1: Download and print. You can start by searching for a sample payslip using your favorite search engine. Go to a website that has a downloadable payslip and that lets you download and print this for free. There are a lot of websites that offer templates for free. But if you go for the free version, make sure you can make do with a basic payslip that you can later customize according to your own requirements. Don’t expect and frills or complicate built-in calculations from anything that’s free.

Option 2: Make your own sample payslip. Your typical productivity software such as Microsoft Excel, or already freeware such as Google Docs has functionalities that allow you to build a sample payslip from scratch. Another option under this is to look for templates that may be obtainable right from the website of your software applications. These are typically downloadable and customizable, too. So you won’t have any problems altering or tweaking your sample payslip any way you need to.

Option 3: You can make your own by copying an actual payslip. You may have been employed at one point before you decided to set up your own business. Dig up those old payslips and recreate them using your computer or by handwriting them. This may be a little more time-consuming than the past options but it sure adds a personal touch to the payslips that you will give away.

Option 4: Let your payroll software do it. There are payroll systems that automate the time of action of making and printing payslips. If you decide to get one of these, you can be sure that payslip generation will be the least of your worries next time.

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