How to Control Fire Ants

How to Control Fire Ants

Fire Ants are average. They are ruthless with their victims. Their bites end up festering, itching and can rule to nasty infections. If you are allergic to them, their venom will send you to the hospital closest. This is certainly a pest you do not want in your yard!

These tiny monsters are all about their Queen. They burrow and tunnel into the ground so that she is protected. If she dies, the nest dies because that is their job – to protect her and multiply.

A few interesting facts about fire ants. One is that they have a proven communication system between them. Scientists have not quite figured it out however, but if something disturbs a mound, they go on the defensive. Their typical attack is to get as many ants on the victim as possible and then they all bite at once. You could be covered in fire ants, not know it, and then suddenly receive dozens, if not hundreds of bites.

They are also achieved swimmers. In times of harsh flooding, the nest will boil to the surface. They have an uncanny way of binding together (always protecting that Queen) and will form a float or raft of ants. Once the flood waters recede, they set up camp in a new location.

Traditional pesticides used to treat these mounds are bait that is presumably taken to the Queen to kill her. But if you have tried this before, you know that the outcome is the Fire Ant mound moves about 5 feet away. Not successful.

But you CAN control Fire Ants and easily destroy the nest (and get the Queen) using safe, all-natural pest control products. When choosing your product, make sure there are clear instructions. And be sure to get something that is NOT made with toxic, chemical pesticides. They just will not work and if you use them, are putting out poisons into the ecosystem with no assistance.

To control a Fire Ant Nest, follow the instructions below:

Materials Needed:
All-natural pest control product that controls Fire Ants
A long stick to poke into the Nest

• Locate the Fire Ant nest and create as easy access as possible.
• Liberally spray your favorite all-natural pest control product around the outside perimeter of the nest to create a border they are hesitant to cross.
• Take your long stick and excursion it into the center of the nest and force it as thorough as you can. You can stir it around a bit to get it as thorough as possible. Turn the stick to about a 30 degree angle so it is not straight up.
• Be very careful to avoid the Fire Ants boiling out of the nest that will come towards you and up the stick.
• Pour a 1/2 cup of your favorite all-natural pest control product slowly down the stick directly into the center of the Fire Ant Nest. This will penetrate to the Queen.
• Large Nests may require more than ½ cup.
• Continue spraying the Ants boiling out of the center
• Return the next day to see the progress. Most Fire Ant Nests are controlled with one treatment but sometimes the nest underground goes horizontally instead of straight down. If there is a new mound forming or if moving the stick causes ants to boil out, repeat the steps above daily until you have control.

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