How to Build Increased Credibility As a Consultant

When a client goes all out to use thousands or already millions of dollars to hire a consultant, they aren’t just doing so because they have so much money to use or because they don’t have enough employees to assign additional responsibilities to; consultants are seen as seasoned experts with exceptional skills which are considered scarce.

Clients believe that such skills, knowledge and experiences which consultants possess are required to help move their businesses forward or solve some of the challenges they may be facing. Consultants keep up very delicate locaiongs; clients rely on the information they provide to make meaningful business decisions. It is consequently understandable that the average client would be quite picky on their choice of a consultant.

A lot of people parade themselves as consultants these days and it makes it increasingly difficult for possible clients to sieve the wheat from the chaff and separate the seasoned professionals from the want to-be’s. It is already more difficult for new-comers in the consultancy profession to get clients as they haven’t been tested and may not be trusted.

consequently, to stand out as a consultant, whether as a newbie or as a seasoned specialized, it is important to build your credibility. This article would show you some rare strategies you can adopt to build your credibility as a consultant in your field so that instead of running after clients; they’ll be the ones chasing you around with job offers.

Building credibility as a consultant involves establishing your skill- making people know that you are an expert in your field. Just about anyone can claim to be a consultant but the real questions that your clients would want answered before they hire you are:

• Do you have extensive knowledge of the field/industry/business?

• Have you achieved success consulting for similar businesses in the past?

• Can you be trusted to manager their business i.e. Can they rely on the information you’ll provide?

• How long have you been in business?

You have to position your consultancy business in such a way that these questions are easily answered and your skill/knowledge is rarely questioned.

According to Larina Kase, credibility can either be:

• Presumed-: This is when people keep up assumptions or ideas on your credibility.

• Earned-: When you have established credibility based on your performances overtime.

• Reputed-: In this case, a lot of people can give evidence to to your credibility. There are lots of testimonials and reviews that prove your credibility.

• Surface-: People generally keep up a first impression on your credibility as a consequence of your looks and turn up.

To establish any of these types of credibility, you should-:

proportion Information

The fastest way to convince someone that you know much about something is to truly proportion some of what you know with them. People would easily trust your skills when you are able to proof to them that you have extensive knowledge of the topic. It is quite easy to put out information these days; you can do so by either of the following ways:

Write books on specific subjects/topics within your field.

Create a blog and start sharing valuable information.

Talk to your local newspaper/magazine editor about starting a column in their newspaper to discuss topics related to your field.

Write guest posts for credible, high-traffic blogs and online magazines.

Offer Free sets

To get reviews and testimonials, you truly need to have performed some jobs. But how do you do that when no one is willing to offer you a job without reviews? That’s simple; what you should do is to seek out some non-profit organizations that you can offer your sets to for free. In turn, you would get the reviews you need to get bigger, well-paying clients.

Organize Seminars

This is not only a way to build credibility; it is also a very effective marketing strategy. When you organize your own seminars or serve as guest speaker at other people’s events, it gives you a platform to showcase your knowledge and skills and of course, get some clients for your business. It’s already easier to organize seminars using the internet, internet-based seminars known as webinars allows you to speak to thousands of people from all over the world without moving an inch.

Television/Radio Programs and Interviews

One of my clients who was looking for ways to market his newly established auto-mechanic workshop was referred to me and I told him what we were going to do- we were going to start our own 30-minute radio program where we would discuss different car problems and how people can solve them. He truly said I was crazy and wouldn’t accept the idea until I offered to pay for the first two sessions. The conversions were so crazy and let’s just say I got my money back in several multiples.

A whole lot of people watch television and listen to the radio daily. I’m talking about people who don’t already visit the internet regularly. When you proportion your knowledge using such medium, it’s very easy to gain a reputation quite fast and establish credibility.

Dress Properly

A lot of consultants make the mistake of thinking that their sense of fact has nothing to do with their specialized skills and skill. This is wrong. It is not uncommon for people to estimate you based on the way you appear. This is what is known as perceived credibility. If your wardrobe isn’t screaming ‘specialized consultant in addition’ then it’s time for a new wardrobe.

Be seen in the right circles

Lastly, make sure that you start networking and hanging out with the right people. Imagine that you had the privilege to start hanging out and be seen with someone like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg; of course, people would generally assume that you are either a billionaire too or you have some rare possible to be able to hang out with such people.

Sometimes in the consultancy profession, you have to fake it until you make it and one of the ways to do that is to start hanging out with credible professionals, not necessarily in the same field as you but people that are known as experts in their own field. That way, some of their credibility would rub off on you and clients would start to feel more comfortable hiring you.

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